‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Hilariously Describes How His Baby Daughter Reacted to Seeing Him on TV

by Shelby Scott

“American Pickers” star, Mike Wolfe, is a many of many talents. Alongside his career as a professional picker and collector, Wolfe has also served as a fireman for his hometown of Le Claire, Iowa in addition to being a city councilman. And that’s not to mention his current talents as an interior designer.

However, “American Pickers” fans can’t forget that above all things, Mike Wolfe is also a dad. And in an earlier interview at the Country Living Fair, Wolfe shared his daughter’s adorable reaction to seeing her dad on TV.

At the fair, Wolfe had just shared a tidbit about his “American Pickers” exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum. However, little did he realize once those items were put on display, they would remain there for ten years.

“I thought to myself wow. It’s gonna be in there until I’m 60 years old,” Wolfe recalled during the session, “which is kind of wild to think because maybe baby Charlie will go in there sometime and see it.”

He laughed at the thought though, further sharing, “She still doesn’t understand what I do…She sees the television and she sees me in it, but she doesn’t understand how I got there.”

Which of course, with all babies is to be expected, the concept pretty humorous in itself.

He ended the segment with a spotlight on his adorable daughter. He pointed her out sitting in the crowd watching a video on an iPhone. “She’s bored with this,” the talented dad laughs.

Like all things Mike Wolfe, his brick and mortar store, Antique Archeology, in Nashville, Tennessee, has a unique history. And that uniqueness pervades both its name and logo. Just as the items featured on “American Pickers” come with interesting backstories, Wolfe has yet another for the logo.

For true fans of the show, you’ll know the Antique Archaeology’s logo for its recognizable rooster and the rising sun in the background.

In an earlier interview, the “American Pickers” star shared the crow actually was inspired by an antique weather vane. The vane had originally resided “in this guy’s yard,” Wolfe said, and he then asked if the man wanted to sell it. Needless to say, Mike Wolfe walked off with the vane and from there we have the Antique Archeology logo.

Eventually, the star added the rising sun behind the motif, which we can only assume came in connection with the crowing rooster.

In addition, the store’s name has an even more intriguing story. In essence, Wolfe thought of all the ways in which many of his finds had been dug up. Whether that was from the depths of collectors homes, yards, and garages, it’s all essentially the same. Seeing the historical significance of a piece is truly what reels the “American Pickers” star in, we were left with “Antique Archeology”; a fitting name for a passion with depth.