‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Joins Girlfriend Leticia Cline at Harley Davidson Museum as She Emotionally Reflects on Her Late Father

by Megan Molseed

American Pickers host and creator Mike Wolfe recently joined his girlfriend, Leticia Cline as she visited the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The trip was a special one for the forty-two-year-old actress and model; for Cline, it was more than a simple tour. It was a connection to her late father.

Cline, who visited the midwestern museum with her American Pickers boyfriend, Mike Wolfe, shared the visit on Instagram, detailing the loss she still feels missing her late father; as well as the memories she has of him when it comes to the Harley Davidson brand.

In the post, Leticia Cline notes that the Harley Davidson Museum opened just one month after her father’s death.

This, the model and actress notes, makes her think about all of the things that have happened since her father passed away. Things he never got to see.

So Many Things Have Happened

“In the 13 years since there’s been so many things that have started or happened that I’ve wished he was still here to see,” Cline said in the heartfelt post.

“It’s those things that make you realize death to it’s fullest,” she continued. “knowing that the person you love will never get to know something they should be still here for.”

The Friday evening post features a series of photos of Cline visiting the museum with Wolfe. The photos also depict many of the museum’s displays from classic bikes, archives, and motorcycle diaries.

And, finally, the American Pickers host’s girlfriend finishes the post with a touching photo of her and her dad from when she was a baby. The picture features a baby Leticia being held by her father who is sitting on a Harley Davidson bike.

“The first time I got to visit the museum was after I rode 900 miles straight from Sturgis to knock on HD corporate’s front door about a sponsorship,” Cline continues in the touching Friday night post.

“Next day I found myself signing contracts and getting a private tour of the archives,” she said. “I still have my badge. It’s stuck to a page in my dads journal he carried with the words I wrote “I did it, thank you for teaching me how.””

Honoring A Father’s Legacy

Cline went on to note that she would happily trade so many memories and moments, just to be able to share a few more with her father. However, since this isn’t possible, Cline notes, she will continue to honor his legacy.

“I would trade so many memories I have of my dad to be able to just have him there with me to experience how all the things he taught me was worth it and that I did so much to make him proud,” Cline said in the post.

“Everywhere I go I carry his legacy with me,” she said. “and everywhere I go I find him all around me.”

The American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, and Cline have been dating for just over a year. The couple made their relationship public in August 2020.