‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Named Who Will Save ‘America’s Main Street’ and How They Will Do It

by Joe Rutland

Host Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” knows his way around antiques. He does his “picking” in person. Some people are doing it differently.

Wolfe, who created The History Channel show and is an executive producer, talked to the Des Moines Register in 2019. He specifically spoke about what’s going to help Main Street in the United States.

“This is the thing that’s going to save America’s Main Street — are these younger people that understand how important online sales are,” the “American Pickers” host said. “If they understand that and they have a business that connects to that, they can be anywhere.

“I chose a pick in Kansas to tell this guy’s story for the sole purpose that we’re talking about right now,” Wolfe said. “Young guy, 35, had an antique car business in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. How did it survive? Online sales. Ninety percent of his stuff for sale is online.

“He could be on the moon and he’s selling stuff!” he said.

‘American Pickers’ Host Sees New Opportunities Through Online Sales

While some people may think Wolfe is off his rocker, Outsiders should know that places like Amazon and even big-box stores like Walmart do many sales online. Some of you may even solely do your shopping online these days, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“American Pickers” fans are used to seeing Wolfe and former co-host Frank Fritz go visit antique and collectible locations in person. But Wolfe, who is joined this season by Danielle Colby out on the trail, understands the fact that online sales are popular.

A new season of “American Pickers” is now airing on The History Channel. Viewers will have to get used to seeing Colby with Wolfe. Frank Fritz is no longer with the show after being fired in 2021.

Wolfe Poured Passion Into Keeping Small Town Bicycle Shop Alive

Wolfe has enough to keep himself busy. But the allure of helping a small-town shop stay alive was too good to pass for him.

The “American Pickers” host learned of a Tennessee town’s store that was going to close. He had some knowledge of this store because he knew its owner.

AC Howell opened The Wheel in 1973 and was working at the local military academy, according to Antique Archeology. Howell bought a two-story brick building in Columbia, Tenn., and set to make the circa-1800s building into Columbia’s first bicycle shop. He wanted to keep the town square alive.

Wolfe, who loved bicycles himself, came into the store and met Howell. Years later, Wolfe heard Howell was about to retire. Wolfe wanted to buy the building. Howell agreed but The Wheel had to stay. It did and remains a bike shop in Columbia.