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‘American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe is Old School Cool on Restored Vintage Motorcycle

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

If you are a fan of American Pickers, then you probably know that co-host Mike Wolfe has a soft spot for bicycles and motorcycles. That love for things with two wheels couldn’t have been more obvious in his most recent social media post.

Mike Wolfe starred alongside Frank Fritz on American Pickers. Together, the two stars would travel across the country, looking to buy up old antiques and other collectibles from those who were willing to sell. The reality that television series premiered back in January of 2010 on the History Channel.

So, we know that Wolfe has made a nice living starring on American Pickers. And during his time on the show, he has come across some pretty old stuff. What he enjoys the most, however, are old bicycles and motorcycles. Just take a look at his Instagram post from last week. The star actor is looking pretty dang sweet sitting on the old-school bike.

“1939 ULH Resurrected by @cyclemos Red Boiling Springs TN #flyingflatheads @ontwolanes,” Wolfe captioned his latest photo.

‘American Pickers’ Star Has Always Had a Connection to Bicycles

Mike Wolfe and his connection to bikes go way back. As a matter of fact, it goes back to when he was just four years old. He explained in a 2018 interview at Reconnecting Roots that his family growing up was led by a single mother and they didn’t have a lot of money. So, he actually found his first couple of bikes in the garbage. Since then, they have become a part of who he is at the very core.

“Bicycles, they have always been a connection to motorcycles, like we talked about,” Wolfe said.

He specifically says that he loves old motorcycles made before 1920. But if his recent social media post is any indication, even a 1939 model will catch his interest.

“I’m really into motorcycles and early motorcycles,” he explained. “So, like, anything that is before 1920. A lot of bicycle manufacturers were making motorcycles.”

However, after starring in American Pickers for so long, Mike Wolfe is used to talking with other antique owners about their things. And, perhaps more importantly, talking about the history and the relationships surrounding those old antiques. But when he is given the chance to talk about his own treasures, he cherishes the opportunity. He explained as much to the host of the 2018 sit-down.

“I love being on your show because you gave me the platform to talk about my collection, where usually my show is me talking about someone else’s collection. So, thank you for that,” Wolfe says to the host.

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