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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Once Suffered a Brutal Injury While Picking

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ovation)

When Mike Wolfe catches a glimpse of a valuable pick, there’s no stopping the American Pickers host from reaching that item. He often has to stumble over a tower of boxes and beaten-down cars to get to his rusty gold. But to him, the results are well worth the pain. Throughout his years of picking, one injury, in particular, has stood out among the rest.

“I tore my ACL one time when I picked one time in upstate New York,” Wolfe explained during a past Q&A session. “I remember I had climbed this pole in an attic in his barn and crawled across into a hole to get to his attic of his house. There was so much stuff packed in there.”

According to the star, he was sleeping in his van for those few days that he was picking at the person’s house. The day before he had to leave, he twisted his knee while in his van and tore the vital ligament. But the severe injury wasn’t going to stop the American Pickers host from completing the job. Despite the pain, he drove to a local Walgreens, bought a cane (and hopefully a few painkillers) and came right back to the collector’s house.

Because the location was such a far drive for him, Wolfe knew that he wouldn’t be coming back to this house anytime soon, if at all. His only shot at the collection was at that moment, so he pushed through the pain and hurdled through the barn and into the cluttered attic.

“So, I stayed there for like a day and a half with my leg tore out and climbed the latter with one leg, just kind of drug myself around his attic,” Wolfe shared unabashedly.

‘American Pickers’ Host Often Ran Into Animals and Insects During Picks

Once he found a few salvageable items, the American Pickers star drove back to Iowa and headed straight to the doctor. It was then that he found out that he needed knee surgery. And so, a pair of crutches and a brace replaced the Walgreens cane.

According to the show’s host, this wasn’t the only workplace injury. Also on the list are bites from critters like raccoons and spiders that made a home out of Wolfe’s potential picks. Of course, as he explained, this only really happened when the animal was frightened or stressed.

“They’re so much more scared of us than we are of them, you know,” Wolfe shared.

Wolfe admitted that while he’s good at listening for animal noises, he doesn’t always see them in time. Oftentimes, he’ll hear them making some sort of warning call, and when that happens, the American Pickers star happily backs away from that area. Few picks are worth a bite from a wild animal.