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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Teases Exploring California Ranch With ‘Vintage Cadillacs’ in Tonight’s Episode

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for Red Earth)

Boys love cars and motorcycles. But maybe not quite as much as “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe. The professional junker takes his love of vintage classics to the extreme. And he’s really excited about tonight’s newest episode. That’s because he’s visiting a farm chock-full of old Cadillacs just waiting for restoration.

With a picture showing the dusty hood of one of these vehicles, Wolfe says he “can’t wait” to let fans in on his experience. On a ranch in California, the “American Pickers” personality gets to explore dozens of vintage Cadillacs that have been collecting dust for who knows how long?

“On tonight’s NEW @americanpickers Robbie and I explore a California ranch packed with vintage Cadillacs that have been parked long enough for a forest to grow up around them. Can’t wait to show you around tonight at 9/8c on @history,” Wolfe says in the post.

And while viewership for the latest season of the History Channel show are noticeably lower, Wolfe is definitely going to pique some interest in his finds tonight.

“American Pickers” Star’s Bike Shop Once Burned Down

Interestingly, Mike Wolfe’s love of bikes and cars led him to owning a bike shop prior to his days with the now-famous Antique Archaeology. But one tragic day the “American Pickers” star’s bike shop burned down. Wolfe spoke about trying to recoup from the damage, but ultimately, it was costing him more money to keep the shop open.

“My shop in Eldridge burned down. There was a fire in the apartment above me, and it all collapsed down into my store,” the American Pickers star told Bicycling. “The dip– I bought the shop from had gone on to sell insurance and sold me some crappy commercial policy…. It took me three years to get any money from the insurance company.”

Wolfe also said:

“Even though the second shop was doing well, I could never get back what I lost. I was always behind,” Wolfe explained.

Injury is Just a Part of the Job, Wolfe Says

Though he had to ditch his bike shop after the accident, Wolfe is resourceful. His new shop now has two locations and he’s filming another season of “American Pickers” more than a decade after it premiered.

While he’s really grateful to be so successful, it doesn’t come without it’s obstacles. And sometimes that includes injuries on the job, as Wolfe explains.

“I tore my ACL one time when I picked one time in upstate New York,” Wolfe explained during a past Q&A session. “I remember I had climbed this pole in an attic in his barn and crawled across into a hole to get to his attic of his house. There was so much stuff packed in there.”