‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Touching Story of an Older Collector That Was Outcasted by His Town

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has met quite a few characters. That has left an impact on the picker. One older collector had a lasting effect on Wolfe, a man who he said was “primitive.”

This particular man was a bit of an outcast. He didn’t fit in with the folks in town. However, he was a man that Wolfe admired and he even bought an item off the old man that he has today. He broke it down at the Country Living Fair.

“There was an older gentleman that I bought a little plow tool off of that he had made years ago and he would sell me anything. I would stop by because he had such a primitive lifestyle…he made his own rope, this guy had a well, no electricity, had every vehicle he had ever owned.”

That sounds about like the kind of folks that Wolfe meets on American Pickers. Folks that just aren’t the typical or the mainstream. Those that do things differently from the rest of society. When it comes to collecting old junk, it is usually the uncommon ones doing it.

A man without electricity and every car he ever owned is going to have to use a lot of gas. Those that grew up in rural America just might know someone like this. Almost every small town has a hermit or someone who just does things differently. They drive old cars and usually earn a nickname or two.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe has Witty Friend

Despite the rest of town not understanding the man, Wolfe spent as much time as he could with him. To learn things like life lessons. He shared many great details about his friend.

“A lot of people in town called him the…you know they just didn’t understand him, you know? I thought he was a genius and he would tell me stories and he would tell me this one story. He went to town one time, he used to go to town like once a month. Just to fill gas cans, so he would have 20 gas cans and he would be filling them.”

When some young kids made fun of the old man, his response was great.

“He said there were these young kids making fun of him because he used to wear older clothes and he had an old vehicle. This young boy came up to him and said ‘Old man there isn’t much that separates you from an idiot is there?’ The old guy goes, ‘Just a lot of gas cans.’.

“He was just a cool guy. So I have his piece and I remember when I bought it from him he wondered why I wanted it and I told him I wanted it because it’s yours. He had a hard time believing that.”

How do we get this guy on American Pickers? Or better yet, his own show.