‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Tried To Pitch a Children’s Show Called ‘Kid Pickers’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Kids have always been a huge inspiration to American Pickers host Mike Wolfe. Throughout his rusty treasure hunting efforts, Wolfe aims to view the world through the perspective of a young history enthusiast that wants to learn more about the world around him. That’s why Wolfe wanted to expand past his one reality show to create a kid-centered version.

Already, the show has some pretty young and devoted viewers. According to the American Pickers star, he receives “wheelbarrows full of mail from kids” that love watching the antiques expert go diving for rare pieces of treasure in some of the dustiest and rustiest places. But don’t expect a couple of teenagers to start driving across the country if Wolfe’s pitch hits TV screens. Rather, his vision revolved around a competition with two young adult hosts. Appropriately, Wolfe named the show “Kid Pickers.”

“That’s my way of paying it back… and my legacy,” Wolfe said of his pitch. “‘Kid Pickers’ has more potential than ‘American Pickers’ in a lot of ways. It’s insanely popular around the world because people love the treasure hunt.”

Years after Wolfe created the idea for the kids show, it doesn’t seem that any network wanted to pick it up. Perhaps this is a sign that the world is not ready for a younger version of American Pickers in show form. However, this hasn’t stopped Wolfe from creating literature with the same name and for the same audience.

“‘Kid Pickers’ book is going to change everything,” Wolfe told Script. “There’s nothing like it out there. It teaches children when they find things, they can learn about their family’s history and history in general. It’s teaching them to repurpose and recycle. These kids are even decorating their rooms in vintage.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Helped Organize National Contest for Kids

The American Pickers star’s dedication to kids doesn’t end there. In the past, he’s also helped adapt the show’s concept into a curriculum for schools. According to Wolfe, he helped a third-grade teacher create a website that served as “Facebook for kids who pick.”

History has a department on educating children. They now have put ‘American Pickers’ show into a curriculum format, so kids are learning all about history through it.”

On top of this, Wolfe has even had a hand in judging a national contest for kid pickers. Deemed “Pick & Tell,” the contest encouraged students to find an antique or historical object and write an essay about it.

“I gave the prizes to the three children who won at the Smithsonian in DC this year,” Wolfe shared. “They’ve never had a show that connects with kids the way ours does, and they’ve never had so many children respond to a contest before.”