‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Brother Selling Incredible 1964 Truck With Long Bed Camper, See Pics

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Dünzlullstein bild via Getty Images)

The stars of “American Pickers” are not only known for their great finds while driving through America’s farm lands. They’re also known for their great collecting and restoring skills. When it comes to Iowa-natives Mike Wolfe and his brother R.J., they’ve become experts over the years.

Between vintage signs, cars, figurines, cards and many more, the “American Pickers” know a solid deal when they see one. They also know when they’re keen on making their buyers a solid deal. This is why R.J. Wolfe is selling a vintage 1964 Chevy truck, along with a long bed camper mounted on the back of the truck.

R.J. Wolfe shared an Instagram post about purchasing the camper for $5,000. When questioned about selling the truck along with the camper, R.J. said he would let the pair go for $37,000. The camper looks super clean on the inside and can fit two adults, R.J. said in the post.

The truck didn’t have many photos as the listing was just for the camper, but from what could be seen of it, it also looked to be in pristine condition.

At the time of writing this article, it appears R.J. deleted the posting altogether. We hope this is a good sign that the ‘Picker’ found a buyer for both the camper at the truck. Though we aren’t sure if this is the reason for the posting, we here at Outsider wish him the best of luck!

“American Pickers” Mike Wolfe Once Bought Item from ‘Outcast’

Leave it to Mike Wolfe to have empathy for all the different kinds of “pickers” out there. During a stop in 2015, Wolfe came upon a seller who was a bit odd. However, Wolfe admired what he was doing.

“There was an older gentleman that I bought a little plow tool off of that he had made years ago and he would sell me anything. I would stop by because he had such a primitive lifestyle…he made his own rope, this guy had a well, no electricity, had every vehicle he had ever owned,” Wolfe said.

There are those who may not understand or appreciate this kind of lifestyle, however, it didn’t deter Wolfe from appreciating the man’s simplicity.

“A lot of people in town called him the…you know they just didn’t understand him, you know? I thought he was a genius and he would tell me stories and he would tell me this one story. He went to town one time, he used to go to town like once a month. Just to fill gas cans, so he would have 20 gas cans and he would be filling them.”

Wolfe went on to add:

“He said there were these young kids making fun of him because he used to wear older clothes and he had an old vehicle. This young boy came up to him and said ‘Old man there isn’t much that separates you from an idiot is there?’ The old guy goes, ‘Just a lot of gas cans.’.