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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Brother ‘Thinking’ About Selling This ‘Bad Ass’ Vintage Dodge

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for NATD)

It’s no secret that “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe and his brother are into cars. It goes along with the territory. Between professional picking and restoring classic cars to their original condition, both Mike and RJ Wolfe do it all. It now appears that RJ Wolfe is looking to cash in on a vintage Dodge.

Posting to social media, the antique collector says he’s toying with the idea of letting the unique car go for $24,000 or a trade. He says the vehicle is located in Florida. It appears to be in pretty decent condition as well.

“Thinking about selling its bad ass ?? Or trade located in Florida. Dodge humpback rare rare!!!!
#dodgers #humpback #wow #itsreal #dmmenow‼ #24,000 #forsale #partswapper,” Wolfe captioned the photo along with the added hashtags.

Further, if you live in Florida – or are willing to make the trip – this car could be a really unique addition to your collection.

‘American Pickers’ and Its Beginning

Though the show is incredibly successful now, Mike Wolfe pitched the idea for years before it got its start. The History Channel picked it up more than a decade ago, and ‘picking’ became a huge hobby for people all over the country.

During an interview years ago, Wolfe discussed how the History Channel took on “American Pickers” and helped launch it into a success.

“I had just acquired the building a month before. So when they said we sold the show, I knew this building would be the set… I was creating a TV set. And I knew what I wanted it to look like,” Wolfe said at the time. “..I wanted something cool, not just a sign. A big target logo on the front of the building. So Danielle painted everything. If you watch the show early on, you’ll see the desk… all of that was orchestrated by me.”

Bringing Danielle Colby on Board

Additionally, another part of the “American Pickers” journey is that the network originally had no plans to include Danielle Colby – a person who was super important to Wolfe.

“I had known Danielle for 15 years. She had just closed her store in LeClaire, and I approached her and said History bought the show, and I want her to be on it. I needed her to do the research of where we’re going.”  Wolfe said.

He also added:

 “They (History Channel) came Sept 8th, they’re filming me and Frank and asked who Danielle is. They said, ‘We’re not filming her… we have no contract with her… History just wants you and Frank.’ I explained she is the one telling us where to go, and I think it would benefit all of us if they filmed her. They said no.”

Despite not wanting to work with Colby, producers couldn’t help but notice how well the three stars connected. In the end, however, she won them over and the rest is history.