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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Reveals Adventurous New ‘Thanksgiving Tradition’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend, Leticia Cline, has decided to spend her holiday underground. According to the show’s biggest fan, she enjoyed the trip so much that it might just become a yearly activity. She shared some breath-taking photos of her visit to the caverns on her Instagram story.

“This is becoming a Thanksgiving tradition,” Cline captioned the first photo.

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The American Pickers affiliate also gave a 360-view of the underground environment. During her visit, she showed off the stalactites and stalagmites as well as a dizzyingly thin bridge that expanded over a huge drop.

“A lot easier to walk in it this time with the new walkway getting built,” the American Pickers affiliate said.

Her final photo of the excursion captured a view of the locals – meaning the bugs and critters that live in the caverns.

“This is a cave cricket. We call them hitchhikers,” she explained. “They like to jump on you and go for rides. They’re blind and deaf and have very little pigmentation because they don’t need it any of that in a place that has total darkness.”

It’s unknown if her American Pickers star boyfriend joined her for the trip. However, Cline seemed to enjoy her time in the caverns no matter who was by her side or hitchhiked on her shoulder.

‘American Pickers’ Star’s Girlfriend Shares Friend’s Charitable Efforts

After returning to the surface, the American Pickers affiliate headed to a friend’s event. She among other volunteers helped feed those in need of a hot meal on Thanksgiving. During the event, Cline gave the people involved plenty of praise for their dedication and selflessness and demonstrated just how many lives the volunteers had reached.

In her story, she gave a tour of all the food they would serve to their customers, as well as the people that had a hand in the organization of the event and those that were working tirelessly in the kitchen.

“My bartender @new_library_of_alexandria fed over 700 people today,” the American Pickers fan boasted. “Every year, she organizes this event and each year it gets bigger and bigger.”

“So many people came to help…” she continued. “Teams of people delivered food to over 7 cities in 2 counties. So many donations and meals were given to make this happen. But none of it would have b been possible without this woman @new_library_of_alexandria.”

Throughout the touching story, she introduced a few other key members, including “Tommy Two Fingers.”

Finally, she gave recognition to a team of three volunteers that helped with “parks, donations, heavy lifting, cooking warm meals, and emotional support. Vick, Pansy, Ken… I’m so grateful you are here in my little town.”