‘American Pickers’ Not Airing a New Episode on August 2, Here’s When You Can Expect Return

by Clayton Edwards

Millions of people tune in every week to watch American Pickers despite co-host Frank Fritz’s unfortunate departure. In fact, they have seen a recent bump in ratings in recent episodes. That just means that there will be a large group of disappointed viewers tonight because there won’t be a new episode at the show’s regular time.

However, it will be a good day for American Pickers fans who miss the chemistry between Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe because History is playing old episodes of the show all day. Fritz exited the show near the end of the last season. He has been absent for the latest episodes as well and won’t be making a return to the show. So, many fans will be glad to tune in and see his smiling bearded face alongside Wolfe.

Fans who want to see Frank and Mike out on the road can tune in right now and see the duo in action. The impromptu American Pickers marathon started early this morning. Most of the episodes today will be from previous seasons. However, those tuning in for the show’s regular 9 pm timeslot will see an episode from the current season, according to History‘s TV schedule. The marathon comes to a close at 3 am tomorrow.

However, those who want to see new episodes of American Pickers only have to wait a week. The show will be back at its regular time next Monday, August 9th with a brand new episode titled “Radioactive Rust.”

Why Is There No New American Pickers This Week?

It is unclear why History chose not to air a new episode of the American Pickers tonight. However, one thing is for sure. The behind-the-scenes drama is not directly responsible for the lack of a new episode. The show is taped well in advance. As a result, Frank’s departure and Mike’s search for a co-host have no effect on new episodes. Here’s how we know.

The last episode to feature Frank Fritz was season 21, episode 13. That episode aired on March 2 of last year. However, when talking about his back injury and departure from the show, Fritz stated that he hadn’t spoken to Wolfe in over two years. In fact, that lack of communication is part of the reason why Fritz is so upset about his removal from the series. So, it would seem that American Pickers is filmed over a year in advance.

Those who have seen the American Pickers crew in their hometown already know how far in advance the episodes are taped. After they pick, film, and leave it seems like it takes forever for the episode to hit the airwaves. The anticipation of seeing one’s hometown on the hit show makes the wait seem even longer.