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‘American Pickers’ Once Shelled Out the Big Bucks for Civil War Era Cash

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

The hosts of American Pickers take on an interesting task during the fourth season of the wildly popular History Channel series.

In this episode, The Gettysburg Museum of History contacts the Pickers with a unique request.

The historical museum wanted the hosts to track down multiple rare and collectible Civil War items.

As always, the American Pickers were up for the task.

So, the History Channel hosts set out across the country doing what they do best. This time, they’re looking to gather a variety of interesting collectibles from the Civil War era.

However, the American Pickers hosts’ interest was piqued by one item in particular during the search.

The item? A collection of Confederate cash. This valuable find impressed the Pickers so much that the History Channel stars shelled out a shocking $1k for the items.

‘American Pickers’ See The Value In Unique Civil War Cash

Now, one of the most compelling parts of the popular History Channel series is the fact that the hosts always see so much more than simply the monetary value in a collectible.

The Confederate cash may not have any monetary value in today’s economy. However, it is certainly a rare piece of antique Civil War memorabilia. This, of course, is precisely the sort of thing the American Pickers hosts love to collect.

Sure, the Civil War occurred over a century and a half ago. But these pieces of Confederate money have since become extremely valuable antiques.

During their search for the rare Civil War-era collectibles, the American Pickers uncover a variety of these valuable Confederate bills.

However, among these collectible bills are a few in particular that piques the interest of the History Channel hosts. The first one is a $500 bill that features a picture of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. The other is a $10 bill that has been marked as “counterfeit.”

A Mysterious History Leads To An Amazing Deal

The owner of the rare currency notes he isn’t sure if the $10 bill is indeed fake as marked or whether or not the bill is a real piece of Confederate cash was marked “counterfeit” by the Union because of its origin. And, with a back-story such as this, the bill could end up being worth a whole lot more as an antique.

In total, the owner of the Confederate cash tells the Pickers he would sell the “counterfeit” bill for $800. And he could get rid of the Stonewall Jackson bill for $450. However, once the owner learns the bills will be displayed in the Gettysburg museum, he decides to slash the price down to an even $1,000. The American Pickers see how good this offer is and quickly shake on it to seal the deal.