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‘American Pickers’: One Collector Took Their Fondness for Lamps to the Extreme

by Amy Myers
(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

American Pickers fans are well aware of star Mike Wolfe’s obsession with vintage vehicles, but not as many know about Frank Fritz’s love of lamps. While browsing through the home of a fellow collector couple and their grandson, the antique experts found a room filled from floor to ceiling with antique, stained glass lamps. For 50 years, homeowners Marlene and David collected unique objects of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, now that their grandsons were taking over the house, Marlene had to downsize her collection.

Hoping to sell some of the pieces to someone that understood their worth, the family called Wolfe and Fritz to come and check out the contents for themselves. Of course, the American Pickers stars were more than happy to help with this mission. The second Fritz laid eyes on the colorful treasure, he practically began salivating.

“I walk into the main room, and it’s lamp-o-rama,” Fritz reflected. “I am in seventh heaven.”

As the American Pickers lamp expert explained, stained glass shades first came out in the late 1800s. Some of the most widely recognized brands included Tiffany and Handel. Popular for their ornate designs and vibrant colors, the lamps not only served as a source of lighting but also as a quaint piece of decor.

After browsing the room, Fritz settled on two lamps on the shelf that caught his attention. Both had picturesque nature scenes, and one was missing a couple of glass panels towards the back. But this didn’t seem to bother the American Pickers star at all. He ended up paying a grand for them both before purchasing yet another pair for another $1,300. Thrilled with his findings, Fritz couldn’t wait to see what else he could score from the house.

‘American Pickers’ Find Major Treasure in Homeowner’s Garage

Now that Fritz had found his treasure, it was Mike Wolfe’s turn. So, the group headed out to the garage to see what motor-related picks he waited for him. Soon enough, the American Pickers found themselves standing before a rare Rolls-Royce Twenty. Unlike the more luxurious models like the Phantom or the Silver Ghost, the Twenty was much smaller in size. Named for its 20 horsepower, the legendary car served as a self-driven vehicle, rather than a chauffeur-driven one.

According to the American Pickers stars’ expert named Rod, there were only 50 of these models left in the United States. Needless to say, this was a must-have for Wolfe.

Because the Rolls-Royce was in rough shape, Wolfe was able to buy the historic vehicle for just $16,000. Once he cleared away the dust and raccoon nests, the American Pickers star could resell the car for $20,000, making himself a respectable $4,000 from the transaction.