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‘American Pickers’: This Preserved Snake Was Worth a Bite

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

During their many years of picking, the stars of “American Pickers” have come across some very unusual items. They have found unique cars and motorcycles, as well as musical instruments, masks, toys, and much, much more.

One of the more unusual pieces found by Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz came from the animal kingdom. According to Looper, the two famous “pickers” discovered this item – and paid a pretty penny for it – during the 19th episode of the show’s 20th season.

This unusual item was a preserved snake. You read that correctly – the “American Pickers” stars once found a preserved snake. And, if you’ll pardon the pun, the snake was so valuable that it encouraged one member of the famous duo to decide it was worth a bite. So, what events led to that “picker” deciding to purchase the preserved snake?

The story begins with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traveling in their van into the Florida Everglades. Of course, they were on the search for interesting items they could purchase at what they believe is a fair price to take back with them. That is the premise of the show, after all.

The ‘American Pickers’ Stars Learned About the Preserved Snake During a Call With Co-Star Danielle Colby

During their travels in Florida, Danielle Colby – who was managing the office of the Antique Archaeology store at the time – made Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz aware of an interesting place where they could possibly find items.

Turns out this place was owned by a man who once had a museum that showcased carnival items. The museum was called “Jimbo’s Amusements: Museum of Oddities.” Unfortunately, the museum was not a success and Jim had to give up on his museum dream.

In his work to open the museum, Jim acquired many unique items related to the circus. This meant that the “American Pickers” stars had a lot to look through when they paid him a visit. One item especially stood out to one of the reality television stars.

It was during that visit that Frank Fritz came across the preserved snake. This just wasn’t any snake, however. It was a female western diamondback rattlesnake. When the former “American Pickers” star found it, the snake was stored inside plexiglass after it had been taxidermied. The work was so good that the snake appeared to be in the middle of attacking another animal – or even a human. Fritz even shared his opinion that the preserved snake was “a real neat peace.”

Unsurprisingly, Fritz wanted to buy the snake. So, he offered Jim $300. Jim countered with $375. In the end, Jim and the “American Pickers” star were able to come to a compromise. They eventually settled on a price of $350 and the deal was done. Fritz walked away with another unique item.