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‘American Pickers’ Proved the Best Way to Get Mike Wolfe’s Attention Is with a Beautiful Car

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

How does an American Picker get drawn to a property? With the perfect item, of course! Sometimes it’s a good movie-collectible, or sometimes it’s a rare collection of items. Other times, it’s a vintage car that will draw the American Pickers in as they make the choice of where to settle and begin digging to find their favorite picks.

During a 2019 episode of the hit History Channel series, American Pickers hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz showed up at a property in southern Georgia with plans to sort through a variety of items.

The biggest draw, though? A beautiful vintage Nash Healy convertible.

“Are you a Nash Healy mechanic?” Mike Wolfe asks as he approaches the Georgia homeowner.

“No, I just tinker,” the American Pickers guest responds.

Of course, Mike Wolfe knows all about tinkering. And he just has to laugh at the response.

“Sometimes that gets me in trouble!” the American Pickers host says with a laugh.

As the hosts of the hit television show begin talking with the Nash Healy owner, they learn that he has a house full of almost anything and everything the American Pickers may be looking for. From movie posters, antique car air fresheners, and a fun vintage jacket, Mike Wolfe and his then co-host, Frank Fritz found an amazing pick in the Georgia home.

Which is exactly what the iconic show is about.

‘American Pickers’ Love Any Good Collection

“We got to look at the Nash Healy, build a relationship there,” Mike Wolfe said of the adventure. “But, the biggest part of it was getting to know Kenny and his family.”

While finding an “in” through a classic collectible such as a Nash Healy is a great way for the American Pickers star and creator to find properties to explore, there is one particular item that Mike Wolfe loves to collect above all others.

“I was always a bicycle guy,” Mike Wolfe has said about his favorite item to collect.

In fact, the History Channel star notes, his entire business was built from his large collection of antique bicycles and motorcycles.

It All Started With Some Bikes

Mike Wolfe’s fascination for bikes began when he was a child. However, growing up in a small Iowa town, the American Pickers host’s opportunities for owning his dream model were not easily achieved.

So, when he found a mountain bike among a pile of parts one day, Wolfe could not believe his luck. For him, this bike was the first thing that gave him “freedom” as a child.

“On a mountain bike, you can blaze your own trail,” the American Pickers host said of his early find.

“You can go anywhere you want to, unlike a road bike which limits you to a strip of asphalt,” Mike Wolfe continues. “Mountain bikes have the ability to steer you off well-worn routes allowing you to call the shots for where you ride next.”