‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Shares Photo of Antique Fred Astaire Paper Mache

by Jonathan Howard

There are all kinds of strange and interesting items that the American Pickers guys have collected over the years. Robbie Wolfe loves showing off.

While there has been some adjusting for American Pickers fans, Robbie is the real deal. Just like his brother Mike, he knows what is rusty gold and what is worth some money. He also knows what items are just cool and interesting. With all that they see on the road, it is hard to pinpoint the coolest things.

However, this paper mache statue of Fred Astaire is one of the most unique and interesting items that I think I’ve seen from the show or the folks on it. You just have to see this thing. It probably weighs about as much as the real deal! Even after all of these years, the item is torn up and worn out a bit, but it is clear what it is and it’s now in a place where it can be preserved it seems.

Check out the Instagram post below and see for yourself.

“Fred [Astaire] [paper mache] made for a movie theater to promote his [movies] back in the 50s,” the American Pickers star wrote in the caption. “Incredible condition. HAPPY MONDAY!!”

Plenty of fans enjoyed the photo of the peculiar piece of Americana. Many were talking about the piece, calling it, “Rad,” or making a comment about the actor it was modeled after. Since becoming a permanent fixture on American Pickers Robbie has not had an easy go of things.

However, it looks like he has some American Pickers fans in his corner instead of Frank Fritz. One viewer replied, “So happy watching you and your brother on new episodes! Way better than the other guy!”

‘American Pickers’ Star Says ‘Let’s Roll’ In New Episode

This season of American Pickers has been an uphill climb. The news came out last year that Frank was axed from the show completely. The likely hood of him returning is slim to none. Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie have been trying their best to get viewers to tune in. However, the ratings don’t lie. No Frank, fewer viewers.

Perhaps it just takes a while for fans to adjust. There seems to be a lot of knowledge in Robbie’s head. He does a solid job on the show. Robbie and Mike have been doing some more classic picks. Before the last episode aired, Mike took time to say, “Let’s roll,” with a picture from the episode. His gray hair and beard have grown in and he is behind the wheel of some kind of car wrapped up in vegetation.

American Pickers continues this season and will try to win back viewers each episode.