‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Shows off His Vintage 1968 and 1932 Hot Rods

by Jonathan Howard

Robbie Wolfe and his brother Mike are all about old cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. The American Pickers star has a couple of hot rods.

The midcentury in American automobiles meant hot rods. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, folks were tinkering and adjusting old cars and turning them into all-new creations. Usually, there are two kinds of hot rods. Those with all of the parts exposed. You can see the engine and transmission and all. Then there are lowkey ones that look like old rust buckets.

These two cars are sweet. The American Pickers star has great taste in vehicles. He is taking advantage of the somewhat warm weather to get these beauties out in the open. Check out the Casual T and the 1932 Ford truck that are now horsepower machines.

“Hot rod history Casual T was built in 1968 was 6th in the nation in 1969 out of all hot rods,” Robbie captioned the video. “1932 Ford built in 1958 [by] Doug Silvermen. Both cars are all original. I SMELL SPRING COMING.”

It seems that wherever the American Pickers star is, it is nice enough to get these rides out. While Mike and Robbie spend a lot of time finding and buying items, they take time to show off some of their favorite personal pieces. Robbie has a whole garage that is full of great cars and his collection would make most envious.

The thing is, will American Pickers fans come around on Robbie? Since he is Frank’s replacement, he hasn’t had an easy time. And the show has had ratings take a hit this season likely due to the Frank controversy. So, will things like this help fans like Robbie more?

‘American Pickers’ Dropped Big Bucks for Bikes

If something has wheels and rust on it, Mike Wolfe wants it. The American Pickers made a living and a name from rusty gold. Some of those items that are the ultimate antique or nostalgia piece have to be bicycles. America has had a long tradition of bike builders and manufacturers that, like most things, has gone away in recent decades.

So, when Mike can get his hands on some good bikes, he is going to do what he can to get them. It was up in the Pacific Northwest when Mike and then cohost Frank made their way to Zane’s house. They found bikes, motorcycle engines, and all kinds of bike paraphernalia.

With all of those bikes, parts, and other bits and pieces, Mike knew what he had. A gold mine of rust. The stuff that American Pickers specialize in. He offered $85,000 for a big bulk of it and walked away with a big haul.