‘American Pickers’: See Stunning New Pic of Danielle Colby in Underwater ‘Goldfish’ Series

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

Alongside her role on “American Pickers,” Danielle Colby has made quite a name for herself across social media. Her content follows a collection of unique and interesting passions. Part of those lies in her “obsession” with burlesque.

Therefore, many of the star’s posts feature a unique spin on costume, design, setting, and cosmetics. Most recently, we found Colby at the forefront of a stunning new “Goldfish” photo series. The series puts an interesting spin on the “American Pickers” star’s relationship with both her body and appearance.

The photo, taken by self-proclaimed “unprofessional artist” Jeremy Schuech shared the latest Colby-centric photo on his Twitter on Wednesday. In it, we can definitely see the “fishy” aspect of the scene. The bright orangey-yellow sheer material of the costume gently floats behind the “American Pickers” star in the water.

Additionally, Colby sports some sort of close-cropped cap topped by a yellow fin-like material, as the piece epitomizes the grace of a goldfish. Overall, the scene appears natural, and Colby occupies the staged center of the image.

‘American Pickers’ Star Embodies Inner Flower Child

As I said above, Danielle Colby’s passions cover a vast amount of ground. The star puts an interesting spin on an acceptance and love of body image across her social media platforms. And as Colby prepares for Halloween, it appears she’s taking into account possibly embodying her inner flower child.

Colby, alongside “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe, is iconic within the show for her knowledge of the vintage and historical. However, she manages to translate that knowledge into unique and breathtaking costumes. Her flower-child-inspired outfit and photo take roots in the wardrobe of those iconic 1960s flower children. The ensemble could, potentially, supply the star with a stunningly beautiful Halloween costume.

Though knowing Colby’s passion and eccentric personality, we’re sure she’ll explore many options before deciding on a Halloween costume.

Nevertheless, the costume fits the “American Pickers” star’s persona overall. The blues and pinks of her dress tie into her pink lipstick and the bright blue tattoo spanning her chest. It further speaks to her iconic personality and fun-loving nature.

“American Pickers” Icon Supports Danielle Colby’s Side Career

As eccentric as Colby’s side career may seem, “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe supports his friend throughout her endeavors.

Colby, a known advocate of burlesque, previously revealed that Wolfe has attended several of her shows over the years. And while her passions may seem unrelated to collecting, she shared, “He knows what I do is a nod to historical accuracy.”

Colby highlighted that, alongside epitomizing the historic costumes and acts, it allows her to explore her relationship with self-love. “[Burlesque is] part of my life journey…It’s deep and it really started from a place of anxiety and depression.”