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‘American Pickers’ Show Off Classic Ford Truck, Asks Fans About Their Dream Ride

by John Jamison
Credit: The Denver Post (Denver Post via Getty Images)

Some of the coolest finds on “American Pickers” come with a set of wheels. In fact, some of Mike Wolfe’s personal favorite picks are classic automobiles and motorcycles. He’s always on the lookout for Indian bikes from the early 1900s or Auburn cars from the 1930s. During an episode of the show from last Monday, however, fans watched Mike make an offer on a classic Ford pickup truck that needed a bit more than a new coat of paint.

The official “American Pickers” Twitter account shared a photo of the rusty old piece of American-made machinery.

Mike Wolfe, unwilling to let the classic truck slip away, purchased it from the owner for $10,000. The pickup in question is a 1932 Ford Model B. In true Mike Wolfe fashion, the history behind the vehicle was a major selling point for him.

Ford released the truck during the worst years of the Great Depression. The Model B was the four-cylinder follow-up to the Model A. And Henry Ford originally intended for his new V-8 Model 18 to be the big seller at that time. But the Model B proved more affordable and efficient.

The truck featured on “American Pickers” is in desperate need of some “major restoration,” as the tweet put it. But even with the $10,000 plus the cost of getting it back into shape, Mike Wolfe may come out way ahead on the deal. Classic car appraisals seem to have this model going for anywhere between $40,000 to $70,000 in good condition.

While the 1932 Ford pickup isn’t the sexiest of trucks out there, Mike Wolfe fell in love nonetheless. And fans chimed in to share their own ideas of a classic dream car.

“That truck just tricked out with an LS350,” another Twitter user added.

‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Shared the Best Locations for Classic Finds Like This

When someone dedicates their life to seeking out the best of something, they generally become an authority on the subject. For former “American Pickers” star Frank Fritz, that subject happens to be antiques.

He once shared the ideal place for finding the highest concentration of valuable antiques.

“Pennsylvania has cool stuff, pretty towns to drive through,” Fritz explained. “The East is where America started, where most of the older items are,” he told the Register Star in 2011.

And if you happened to be curious, like Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz can’t get enough of classic motorcycles. They’re his favorite thing to collect. And he’s willing to go to great lengths to find them. In the interview, he talked about how he has been held at gunpoint, had dogs chase him, and has been blocked into driveways by people who weren’t overly excited about his presence.