‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Announces Start of New ‘Commitment,’ Speaks on Future With Show

by Emily Morgan

Danielle Colby is bravely chasing her passion. Recently, the 45-year-old took to Instagram to announce her significant career change. Colby is the woman behind Antique Archaeology’s office, as the Queen of Rust, and an essential part of the History Channel’s smash hit show, “American Pickers.”

“Today I begin my commitment to marine biology.” the mom of two began her Instagram post. “This is why I moved to Puerto Rico and it has taken 3 years of living here full time, learning the language (getting better at that), acclimating, prioritizing and researching the history of this part of the world to get to this point.”

The Iowa native looks mermaid-like in the pic as she looks directly at the camera from an underwater location. Although she’s starting her journey in marine biology, she’s also a jack of all trades. Colby is an artist, a dancer, an activist, a filmmaker, and a mother. She also devoted herself to women’s history, burlesque, and all things vintage and antique.

She added about her new journey, “Starting with online classes is the only way for me as I am still working on American Pickers and will be traveling over the next year or so. We will see where the future takes us all. I’m sure it will be an adventure. When Covid hit I was sure my dream of studying the Ocean would die but the dust is clearing enough for me to see my path clearly again.”

Danielle Colby Announces She’s Studying Marine Biology Amid Filming ‘American Pickers’

In addition to her announcement, she’s also engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jeremy Scheuch. Scheuch, an underwater photographer and filmmaker, captured Colby’s creative Instagram pic.

“Each day that we film and photograph in the ocean I’m watching for changes in the environment and wildlife. The changes are always there, sometimes subtle and other times drastic.”

Colby and Scheuch were together for six years before they announced their engagement. Before Scheuch, she was married to Alexandre De Meyer. She filed for divorce from her second husband, Alexandre, on June 5, 2015. Together they share two children, Miles and Memphis.

She continued, “I’m thankful for this magical island and all she is teaching me about history, conservation and humility. I came to do the work and now I finally get to dig deeper into the important research. Each day is an opportunity to unlearn old ways that no longer serve my process and embrace new, healthy thinking and living. I’m learning to trust the process, even when it’s ugly, even when I’m afraid. Trust the process and don’t give up on yourself. It’s never too late to learn or unlearn. Photo by my king @jscheuch.”

As for her future with “American Pickers,” she clarified in the post that she’s still filming new episodes. In the past, some outlets such as have speculated that she and the show have gone their separate ways.