‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Drops Eye-Catching Snap to ‘Tantalize the Imagination’

by Clayton Edwards

Many fans think of Danielle Colby as the Queen of Rust. She’s more than earned that title. After all, she is a large part of the success of American Pickers. Dani holds down the fort at Antique Archeology while also helping the pickers find collectors who are willing to sell. Behind the scenes, she and Mike Wolfe have been friends for years. They met at a yard sale and bonded over their love of hunting and collecting antiques.

However, a quick look at Danielle Colby’s Instagram profile shows a different side of the American Pickers cornerstone. It appears that she is just as comfortable in the water as she is in the shop. Many of her photos show her gracefully swimming in the clear blue depths of the ocean. Her most recent post shows her swimming while sporting an orange skirt. The way the fabric floats in the water makes it look like it was designed to turn its wearer into a work of underwater art. Check out the photo below.

Danielle Colby Promises ‘Goldfish Magic’

In the caption, Danielle Colby said that she posted the beautiful throwback photo to “tantalize the imagination,” of her followers. Then, she made an announcement about some upcoming photos. She said that her “dear friend” at Oakum Collection crafted her a “brand spanking new,” goldfish costume. She promised her followers that they were in for some “goldfish magic,” in the upcoming photos.

According to the Oakum Collection Instagram, they create bespoke suits, resort wear, and costumes. All of their items are handmade in Puerto Rico. Browsing through their photos shows that they make eye-catching swimwear to fit and showcase a wide range of styles. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn Danielle Colby into a goldfish with their handiwork.

Unfortunately, those photos won’t be available to everyone. Like many things that Danielle Colby talks about on her social media platform, those photos will be on her Patreon. According to her post, they’ll be available sometime today. However, she doesn’t just post photos there. She also adds “Road Dog Diary,” entries that chronicle her time on the road with her fellow American Pickers co-stars. Additionally, she writes articles about the history of stripping and burlesque performances on the site.

Insights into the Life of a Picker

Danielle Colby doesn’t just advertise her Patreon on her Instagram profile. She also gives fans of American Pickers a taste of what life is like behind the scenes for her and her co-stars. For instance, when the Frank Fritz drama heated up, she posted several photos of her with Mike Wolfe, showing that she is loyal to her longtime friend.

If you want to learn more about Dani, check out her Instagram profile. You’ll see that the Queen of Rust is so much more than the show reveals.