‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Has One Type of Antique She Thinks Best Represents Her

by Matthew Wilson

Everyone has their favorite items including “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby. The reality star’s bought and sold a lot of items. But Colby has a particular genre of items she thinks best represents herself. Colby is a big fan of burlesque.

In an interview with Freshly Inked, Colby discussed why she loves vintage costumes and items from the genre. She loves the history behind burlesque shows and also the escapism of them as well.

“This is why I collect vintage striptease costumes,” Colby said. “I love the story of striptease. It has everything, it has sex, intrigue, money, mafia, costumes, danger, feminism, empowerment, defeat, murder, ego, spirituality. Burlesque is a religion to me. It’s my complete escape from this world. And let me tell ya, I’ve become quite the escape artist.”

Additionally, the “American Pickers” star said she’s a fan of stage costumes from the early 1800s. She collects a variety of wardrobes and is a bit of a nerd when it comes to her history of dancers. Colby likes to try to search for obscure dancers from the 1800s and find their artifacts.

“I am completely and hopelessly obsessed with vintage stage costumes, specifically early burlesque,” Colby said. “I have an extensive collection from all around the world, as early as the 1800s.”

For instance, Colby has an 1890 costume that belonged to Lillie Langtry. She also has wardrobes from dancers Mata Hari and Josephine Baker as well.

“I have a full collection of lesser-known dancers’ costumes as well,” Colby said. “I love playing history detective with those. It’s a project that consumes my every waking moment.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Other Favorites

Burlesque isn’t the “American Pickers” only favorite. Danielle Colby also revealed her favorite places to go picking as well. For one she said she finds a lot of hot ticket items on the East Coast. But if you really want to find something antique, you should go abroad.

Due to its long and storied history, Europe is a hot spot for the best antiques and vintage items.

“My favorite part of the country to go picking is out east!” she said. “Picking in Paris is like nothing you’ve experienced in the states because the history is so much older.”

Colby said she also enjoys collecting children’s toys, believe it or not, and skeleton keys. In fact, she said she’s found keys usually on the cheap side.

“For cheap buys, power-packed with character, I like children’s toys,” Colby said. “I’m crazy about frozen charlottes. I used to collect a lot of skeleton keys. [And] I had a huge collection for many years. I’ve just recently begun to sell that collection off. You can always find really interesting keys for not a lot of money. Anywhere from five dollars to hundreds of dollars. You can collect them at all price ranges.”