‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Reveals ‘Key’ to Finding ‘Treasures’ While Picking

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Fans of American Pickers know that Danielle Colby has a knack for finding great spots to pick. It seems like she always has a good lead for Mike while he’s out on the road. She’s been working on the show for over a decade and was into picking and antiquing before that. So, it stands to reason that she’d be the perfect person to give advice on hunting down treasures across the country.

Recently Danielle Colby appeared on The Sailor Jerry Podcast to talk about her love of tattoos and all things vintage. At one point, she gave some solid advice for those who want to start picking.

Danielle Colby said that you’ll find treasures wherever you look, but you have to be prepared. “The key is to do your research before you get there,” she said. “I realize how I sound because all I do is research places before I go. But this is why, because it’s my job.” She didn’t just leave it at that, though. Dani also broke down the best ways to do research before picking.

Danielle Colby on Researching Potential Picks

According to Danielle Colby, the easiest thing to do is look up newspapers for the place you’re going. “All newspapers are online now.” The local paper holds a wealth of information for pickers. For instance, you can look up estate sales in the area. Those are good places to start when looking for rusty gold.

However, estate sales are just the beginning. Danielle Colby added, “Maybe you’re not into estate sales. They still have all of the swap meets and flea markets and vintage sales and all that kind of stuff.” Vintage markets are a good place to find information. “I would say wherever you are just Google vintage markets. That’s the easiest way to do it. Those are the people who are going to tell you where to go. You can buy from them as well. Of course, support them. But those are the people who will tell you where to go” she said.

Dani said that she still makes time to visit vintage markets for antiques and information. In fact, when she travels either for American Pickers or for personal reasons, she makes sure she has time to connect with vintage dealers. “That’s always the most important thing is making sure that we have a couple of lay days where we can go to vintage markets and vintage shops and just kind of kick it and ask questions.” She also noted that patience is a big part of the equation but making connections is important. “Sometimes you’re just laying the groundwork for the next time you come back. That’s just kind of how that industry is. A lot of it is just kind of who you know.”