‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Updates Fans on ‘Beautiful, Amazing, Wonderful’ News

by Clayton Edwards

Most people think of Danielle Colby as the Queen of Rust. She is the one who handles most of the logistics for American Pickers. Usually, if Mike heads to an awesome picking spot, Dani sets it up for him. At the same time, she loves vintage fashion and all manner of antiques. However, that is only one side of her. Until returning to Iowa to get back to work in the show, Colby was in Puerto Rico. While there, she became attached to some local causes, studied marine biology, and practiced underwater burlesque. Her most recent post seems to combine two of those things.

Late last night, Danielle Colby posted a stunning photo of her swimming in the ocean. As usual, though, it is the caption of the photo that makes the real impact. She says that she has some “Beautiful, amazing, wonderful news” for her followers in the caption. However, the news doesn’t pertain to American Pickers or anything that is going on with the show. Instead, it is about a set of condos on a beach in Puerto Rico.

Danielle Colby goes on to say that the company trying to build a new swimming pool on the beach near the condos at Los Almendros has received a cease and desist order. That beach is home to endangered sea turtles, according to a Puerto Rican news source.

More About Danielle Colby’s ‘Amazing’ News

Protesters and environmentalists have been gathering to demonstrate against the construction since last month. About 200 people turned out to protest the construction as well as to protect the beach. In late July, they destroyed the gate of the concrete fence surrounding the construction site. They claim that the construction violates the Federal Endangered Species Act. That law protects the sea turtles and their habitats.

As of July 27, developers at Sol y Playa stopped construction of the swimming pool. They cited the growing number of protesters and social media attention for their decision. However, the demonstrators were still there, just to be sure. However, those on the beach weren’t the only ones fighting the good fight for the turtles. Danielle Colby shared a URL for a local news report about the cease and desist order. It seems that the protesters bought enough time for legal proceedings to go through to halt the construction in a legal capacity.

Danielle Colby mentions that the developers submitted paperwork showing that the land was permissible for construction. However, they didn’t handle everything correctly. The article that Dani shared notes that there are several technicalities that call the legality of their filings into question. So, construction has been halted until a judge can look over the paperwork and make a final decision.