‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Wishes Mike Wolfe Happy Birthday: ‘Let’s Keep Paddling Together’

by Shelby Scott

It’s a beautiful fall day right before we turn back the clock for daylight savings. Coincidentally, it’s also “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe’s birthday. After 21 seasons on the History Channel together, costar Danielle Colby wished Mike Wolfe a very happy birthday on Instagram. In her post, she said she hopes she and Mike can continue to “paddle” together in their friendship and in their picking journey.

You can view the thoughtful happy birthday post below. But, in essence, she addresses the way the two have worked together for so many years and the struggles they’ve endured. Hence, “Let’s keep paddling together. We’re good at it.”

“American Pickers” fans and Danielle Colby followers shared their own birthday wishes for Mike Wolfe in the comments below the post. Many sent well-wishes the “American Pickers” star’s way while others simultaneously shared their love for the show itself.

“What a happy pic!!” wrote one follower, while another said, “Happy birthday for Mike, and thank you for the show, I love it!”

Another fan wrote, “Mike is thee man!!” with a heavy emphasis on “thee” and we can’t help but hope the American picker has “thee” best birthday yet! Here’s to another year, Mike!

“American Pickers” Picks for Sale on Antique Archaeology Website

We hope Mike Wolfe had an extra special time celebrating his birthday this week. Meanwhile, the “American Pickers” star’s antique shop, Antique Archaeology, featured a special antique sale on their website in celebration.

Danielle Colby announced the sale on her Instagram. In it, she encouraged fans to sign up for the shop’s email list to know when current and future items go on sale. Businesses frequently hold these kinds of celebrations. However, the “American Pickers” are different as so many of the sale items mark different periods across history. In a way, the items are potentially symbolic of birthdays in themselves.

Examples from the special birthday sale included a unique WWII-era jumpsuit while the site also featured a rustic banjolin.

Fans were beyond excited to see the unique picks and antiques go on sale, with a couple vying for the vintage Plymouth/Chrysler sign that apparently pulled a spot on the website.

Others, as always, shared their love for the show, speaking to its centering nature and functioning as a daily coping mechanism. And of course, there were the handfuls of birthday well-wishers, all sending positive thoughts to the “American Pickers” star ahead of his birthday.

Regardless of whether you joined “American Pickers” picklist ahead of this sale, Danielle Colby encouraged fans to sign up to get all the details regarding the hit show and Antique Archaeology. Be sure to sign up here Outsiders for any future sale notifications!