‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Felt His Hometown ‘Turned Its Back’ on Him

by Jonathan Howard

It has been almost two years since audiences saw Frank Fritz on American Pickers. However, Frank is still a big part of the fandom.

When the show took off, it was a quick road to stardom for Frank and costar Mike Wolfe. The two Iowa natives were set to embark on a journey neither one of them could foresee. While both hosts are from the hawkeye state, they aren’t from the same town. And, the show didn’t focus on Fritz’s town as much as it did LeClaire, IA.

In 2013, Fritz talked about his hometown and the feeling that it had “turned its back,” on the History Channel star. Back then, it was like his town didn’t want to acknowledge his success for whatever reason. With the QC Times, Frank talked about that feeling.

“I haven’t gotten used to the autographs. I’m just a guy from Davenport. I was born at St. Luke’s Hospital (now Genesis). I still drive my car,” Frank explained. He wasn’t any different than pre-2010. “I still live in my house. I’m still in the phone book.”

However, his hometown just didn’t seem to have much love for the American Pickers star.

“It feels like my city has pretty much turned its back on me,” he said, aged 49 at the time. “The Quad-Cities has a few people who have done something special. Look at (Living Lands & Waters’) Chad Pregracke. I went to his premiere at the Adler when his pilot episode aired. I was happy to promote him.” Frank summed up his feelings aptly, “I like to help people.”

“But no one in Davenport ever asks,” the American Pickers star lamented.

Due to Wolfe’s Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, Iowa, Frank wasn’t able to set up his own shop in the Davenport area.

‘American Pickers’ Star Has Illinois-Based Shop

While Wolfe might have his locations in Iowa and Nashville for Antique Archaeology, Frank opened up his own place. Frank Fritz Finds in Savanna, Illinois has been in operation for some years. That’s where Frank does most of his work now since he isn’t on American Pickers. So, if you want to see the latest items that he has, you’ll have to make a trip out to Savanna.

The store is actually connected to a bar. In the same building is the Hawg Dog Bar & Grill. So, when you go to the online reviews for his store, there are mixed results. Not everyone has a great time it seems. Some folks just don’t like the food at Hawg Dog and that sometimes makes Frank’s place get bad reviews as well.

It seems like a typical antique store. You might not find what you were looking for, it might be out of order and be a bit crowded, but if you make that one find or purchase it could all be worth it. The American Pickers former host has his way of doing things and that shows with his store.