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‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Was Once Arrested: Here’s Why

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

There have been some noticeable changes over at “American Pickers.” The History Channel show gained almost immediate acclaim and has quite the fanbase. With stars Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe traveling the country in search of the best junk and antiques they can find, the show is fairly compelling. The people and characters they meet are unique and it shows a rarely-seen look into rural America.

In recent days, Frank Fritz has been noticeably missing from the screen. There is a good reason for that too. Fritz is known for being a happy, smiling partner to Wolfe. His affinity for oil cans is the most known fact about him. Traveling in their van across Iowa and America, the two have always seemed like great friends.

Recently, after undergoing some personal issues that included a stint in rehab for his alcohol addiction, Fritz and Wolfe had a falling out. While Fritz battled through the issues, it was reported that his friend and cohost Mike did not reach out. The tension between the two has led to silence. They have not spoken to one another since.

Frank has not been on the show recently. Not only due to his addiction, but personal issues as well. Until Mike Wolfe talks to him, there likely won’t be much Frank, if at all.

While it has been some time since Frank Fritz ran in trouble with the law. The issue stemmed from Fritz’s alcohol issues. The Iowa native recently discussed being arrested. The incident occurred in 2017 and Fritz had to pay a little bit of a price for the run-in with the law.

Frank Fritz 2017 Arrest

Fritz was arrested back in 2017. While driving in his home state of Iowa, Fritz was seen driving down the wrong side of the road. Fritz was charged with an OWI and admitted to drinking. As punishment for the incident, Fritz paid a fine and had a year of probation.

Along with the other conditions above, Fritz had to undergo recommended treatment. Mike Wolfe has not spoken with Fritz in recent months. Since 2010 “American Pickers” has entertained Americans. Their workshop and store in Iowa have become a tourist site.

The rehabilitation for Fritz wasn’t just about his use. He has said it is an issue that runs in his family. With the family history and his personal use, rehab was an obvious answer. Since then, Fritz has expressed regret for not going sooner. “I wish I had done it five years ago,” the “Pickers” star said, “I would have been a different person.”

While the past cannot be changed, perhaps there is a future for Fritz on “Pickers”. Because the two have not spoken in so long, it may take more than a simple apology. Clearly, the two have issues they need to talk about as friends and colleagues. Meanwhile, the show keeps going on without Fritz.

Since Frank Fritz left, Mike Wolfe has been keeping the show moving. That means guests and other fill-ins. Frank is such a staple on the show and without him, the dynamic is much different. Mike has done a good job on his own, but fans are ready for the duo to get back together.