‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Racing on a Hot Rod Is Nothing Short of Badass

by Michael Freeman

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and his girlfriend Leticia Cline are avid automobile and motorcycle fans. In a recent Instagram post, Cline’s passion is palpable as she expertly rides with the people from Harley Davidson.

Recently spending time in Milwaukee, Cline reflects on her past spent with Harley Davidson years ago. Taking place in 2016, the Instagram video features Cline and people from Rooke Customs being given the chance to ride 2017 Harley Davidson Roadsters with stage 4 kits on them. Appreciating the bike’s power, she wastes no time putting it to good use.

“Great Lakes Dragway with Harley Davidson,” Cline captions the post. “This week in Milwaukee has me reminiscing to all the time I spent here with @harleydavidson. I knew what I was doing at the time was amazing but looking back on it makes me realize just how lucky I was to be given so many rare opportunities.”

Gushing about the experience, Cline talks in the video about how she got “the full package.” Riding the new Roadster with the people in Milwaukee on a drag strip and getting to see Harley Davidson’s corporate office? Talk about a dream come true.

However, the video has a somber note to it too. Reflecting on loss, Cline offers wordly advice at the end of her post. “This video also makes me realize just how short life truly is. Since this was taken in 2016 we lost builder @rookecustoms way too soon. It left a hole in the motorcycle community that will never be filled.”

She ends her post telling people to “make every moment in your life count, take every chance” and “never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.”

Leticia Cline Joins Mike Wolfe at Harley Davidson Museum and Remembers Her Late Father

While in Milwaukee, Mike Wolfe and Leticia Cline visited the Harley Davidson museum. The trip meant something extra to Cline, serving as a remembrance to her late father.

Posting about her trip on Instagram, Cline emotionally recalls the connection she shared with her dad. “The @hdmuseum opened one month after my dad passed away. In the 13 years since there’s been so many things that have started or happened that I’ve wished he was still here to see. It’s those things that make you realize death to it’s fullest, knowing that the person you love will never get to know something they should be still here for.”

She goes on to say the first time she visited the museum she rode 900 miles straight from Sturgis for a Harley Davidson sponsorship. The next day, she received contracts and her own badge. She stuck the badge to a page of her dad’s journal he carried with the words she wrote him. “I did it, thank you for teaching me how,” the page reads.

Finally, she finishes the post saying he’s always with her. “Everywhere I go I carry his legacy with me and everywhere I go I find him all around me.”