‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Once Discovered a Motorcycle Mega Bundle

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ovation)

American Pickers fans know that Mike Wolfe loves motorcycles and bicycles. That passion started when he found his first bike in the garbage on his way to school That happened when Wolfe was in kindergarten. Since then, his love for two-wheeled antiques and his passion for picking have grown exponentially. He’s been doing the show for over a decade and picking for much longer than that. However, he still gets excited when he finds a vintage motorcycle.

In a season 6 episode called “Duck, Duck, Moose” Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz met Beno and Robin. They were a married couple who loved motorcycles and kept a warehouse full of American and British bikes. Mike was like a kid in a candy store. Watching his eyes light up when he walked into the warehouse was one of the highlights of the episode.

Beno and Robin’s collection blew Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz away. Right away, Mike pointed out that “Everything in this building is, basically, British.” There were several Norton and BSA bikes in the warehouse.

Beno showed Mike Wolfe his 1958 BSA Gold Star, a killer racing bike. The collector told Mike that he raced that bike in Europe for over 20 years. However, he wasn’t just running any race. He was in the International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race. In a cutaway, Wolfe explained that it’s “one of the most prestigious races in the world.”

Mike Wolfe Loves American Steel

Sure, Mike Wolfe was excited to see a building full of British bikes, especially the one that Beno raced on the Isle of Man. However, Beno’s collection also contained plenty of pure old-school American steel. That is what made Mike break out his wallet.

Beno showed Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz a vintage Indian Motorcycles cutaway engine. He informed him that it used to sit on the counter of his dad’s motorcycle shop.  Basically, it’s a motorcycle engine that was cut in half so customers could see how it worked.  

In another cutaway, Mike Wolfe explained why he had to have the motor. “I look at this motor and see that it’s not made for the consumer level. This cutaway motor was only for dealers.” There was no way Mike was walking away without it. So, he ended up paying $5,000 for it. To him, it was money well spent.

Then, Mike Wolfe spotted another Indian motor. This one wasn’t a display piece. Instead, it was a nearly-complete vintage engine. He explained that they previously found an early Indian rear end. This motor would go a long way in restoring that rust-covered classic.

This was another piece that Mike Wolfe couldn’t pass up. So, he took a page from Frank Fritz’s book. He bundled a couple of other rare old-school motorcycle parts with the Indian engine. That bundle set Mike back another $3,300.

He dropped $8,300 total and walked away feeling like a winner.