‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Was Once Featured in a Music Video, Got to Show Off Vintage Bike

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

American Pickers fans know that Mike Wolfe loves classic motorcycles. That started when he was just a kid. Wolfe’s first foray into picking came when he pulled a bicycle out of a garbage pile. At that moment, he began to love bikes and picking.

His love for motorcycles is just a natural progression from bicycles. The show has been on the air for more than a decade. During its run, Wolfe has dropped serious money on vintage bikes. Additionally, he has a personal collection of two-wheeled antiques.

Mike Wolfe doesn’t just buy the vintages motorcycles to look at them. The best thing about having a collection like his is getting out and riding. The next best thing? Showing off a fully-restored vintage bike. Mike got the chance to do that back in 2014. He made a cameo in singer-songwriter Rebecca Correia’s music video. The song is called “Oh, Nashville,” and is an ode to Music City. Check out the video below:

In the video, Rebecca Correia is hitchhiking down an old country road carrying her guitar. After a car passes her by, Mike Wolfe pulls up on a blue vintage bike. Luckily, the bike also has a sidecar. She hops in and they ride into town together. The best part, though, comes just moments after she gets in the sidecar. You can see Wolfe look into the camera and let out a “Woo!” you can’t hear it, but you don’t need to. The enthusiasm is written all over his face. You can tell he was having a blast.

A Fitting Song for Mike Wolfe

It’s cool to see Mike Wolfe and his bike in a music video, especially one for a song about Nashville. Wolfe moved to Tennessee about ten years ago. Today, he calls himself a “Southerner by choice,” because he fell in love with the state. His favorite place is Columbia, where his Antique Archeology store is located. However, he is a huge fan of Music City and country music.

Recently, he talked about his first time hitting a honky-tonk in Nashville. He went to Robert’s Western World on Broadway and was immediately blown away by the atmosphere. About his first time honky-tonking, Wolfe said, “Traveling as much as I do, it’s so difficult to find places that are authentic or feel untouched. So, when you walk into a place like Robert’s, you feel like you’re home.”

With lyrics like “Oh Nashville / How have you been? / Oh Nashville / I can’t wait to see you again. / Oh Nashville / I miss your skies so blue. / Oh Nashville / I’m coming home to you,” this song seems like a perfect fit for Mike Wolfe.