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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Once Found Rare Artifact That Belonged to a Singing Cowboy

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

Mike Wolfe has been picking since he was just a kid. In fact, he picked his first item when he was in kindergarten. That’s how he got his first bike. However, he didn’t know at the time that he was starting a hobby that would turn into s career. Now, Wolfe shares his passion for picking with the world on American Pickers. He’s been doing that for over a decade. Over the years, he has found countless artifacts of days gone by. The things that really excite him, though, are the things that remind him of his childhood. This is why he gets so pumped over antique bikes and motorcycles. In a clip from a season 14 episode, we learn that Wolfe loved singing cowboys as a kid as well.

During that episode, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traveled to Tennessee. The Volunteer State is full of fascinating history. However, many know it best for its place in the history of country music. Bristol, Tennessee is the birthplace of recorded country music. At the same time, Nashville is the hub of mainstream country music. So, it was no surprise that Mike and Frank found a collection that contained some country music relics.

In the clip, the Tennessee-based seller named Don meets Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in his driveway. Wolfe is briefly taken aback by Don’s wardrobe of pressed white shorts and tennis shoes. However, he knows that looks can be deceiving. So, they go into the house to look around. Frank picks a sign before they head up the stairs. That’s where Mike sees several acoustic guitars hanging on the wall.

The one that really catches his eye is an old, worn short-scale guitar with a scene painted on the body. The scene shows a group of cowboys sitting around a campfire. It also has the words, “Singing Cowboys,” emblazoned on it. Wolfe instantly knows that he has to have it.

Mike Wolfe Loved Singing Cowboys

Mike Wolfe took a moment to tell the audience why he had to have the guitar. “In the thirties through the fifties, everybody loved a singing cowboy, even me. When I was a little kid, I loved Riders in the Sky. My favorite hero? Ranger Doug.”

In the end, Mike Wolfe paid Don $150 for the Singing Cowboy guitar and a vintage Marveltone. There’s a good chance that neither man knew just how good of a deal Mike got on that price.

Today, vintage Marveltone guitars similar to the one Mike Wolfe bought go for around $1000. However, those instruments are ready to play. The one Mike walked away with doesn’t look like it’s in bad shape. Wolfe said he plans to ask $125 each. So, someone is going to go into one of his Antique Archeology shops and get a gorgeous vintage guitar for a great price.