‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Once Spent Big Money on Bikes

by Megan Molseed

The American Pickers have been a fan favorite since the popular series premiered in 2010. Featuring Mike Wolfe, the host, and creator of the popular series, as he and his cohost tour the country scouring barns, garages, basements, backyards, or any other place they can imagine the show has been a hit since day one. Fans of the series love to follow the Pickers as they find some hidden treasures within. Sure, each episode brings a unique find for the American Pickers. However, some can be a little more memorable than others as they unearth something uniquely valuable. This is exactly what fans saw in the season seventeen American Pickers episode: The $90,000 Question.

Any fan of the American Pickers knows that host Mike Wolfe loves antiques – and particularly antique bikes and motorcycles. And, one of the Picker’s tours during this episode sent the Pickers to Oregon. This seventeenth-season episode of the popular History Channel series led to an amazing find. A find for which the American Pickers spent an impressive sum of money: $85,000.

Mike Wolfe’s Big Find

While touring the Pacific Northwest a few years ago, Mike Wolfe and then cohost Frank Fritz stopped at the property of a man named Zane and his mother, Linda. There, Wolfe encounters an impressive collection of bikes – and motorcycle engines – that impresses the bike fanatic. This leads to the American Pickers host spending the most on one pick that he had before that moment during the show’s run.

Mike Wolfe clearly knew what he was looking at with the valuable find. After all, fans of the series have heard Mike Wolfe explain that old motorcycles – including old motorcycle parts – are not easy to come by. So, he knew he had struck it big with the find. In total, he offered Zane and Linda $85,000 for the lot. Of course, the property owners agreed…that is a major sale, for sure!

‘American Pickers’ Creator Teams Up With Another Iowa Native

The American Pickers tour the country regularly, and the show’s host and creator has settled in Nashville over the last few years. However, the show’s deepest roots can be traced back to a small Iowa town. And, it was likely these Iowa roots connection that has led The American Pickers to a recent partnership. This time with fellow Iowa native, Jason Mamoa.

“Excited to be a piece to the puzzle of your new project,” Mike Wolfe notes in a weekend Instagram post with Momoa.

Last spring, PEOPLE announced Jason Momoa’s newest project, a series that follows the Aquaman star as “he travels across the United States to meet extraordinary people who are blazing their respective paths.” Further description of the Momoa-led series notes that the Iowa native would be scouring the country for experts in a variety of fields. Some examples of those Momoa would be featuring in the new series are “motorcycle fabricators, craftsmen, musicians and athletes.” The show’s goal, the series description notes, is to help the experts make “a difference in their industry.”