‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Says ‘Let’s Ride’ Ahead of New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight was the night of an all-new episode of American Pickers. Mike Wolfe wanted to give fans something to look forward to beforehand.

Ahead of the premiere of an all-new episode, Wolfe shared a photo from the show. It shows the gray-haired picker riding around on a scooter, cart, three-wheeled thing. Wolfe is always trying to find something fun to ride around on. From vintage cars to bicycles and motorcycles and whatever this thing is.

Whatever Mike is driving, it looks like it is super fun. The taillights work and clearly, it runs. So, how much do you think he had to give up for this one? It looks like a fun ride, check it out in the tweet below.

For the folks at American Pickers, it is important that fans tune in. They have had a rough go of things as far as ratings are concerned. In response to Frank Fritz being off the show for good, folks have turned their V to another channel. So, what’s the deal here? The show dipped below one million views for the first time ever this season. Now they need to win folks over again.

It really seems that the show has been trying to do those old-school-style picks. The rusty bikes, vehicles, and oddities. That’s what viewers love about the show. Robbie Wolfe is doing his best to put out a good product. He isn’t a bad guy, fans just love Frank a lot. Without him, it doesn’t feel the same for many viewers.

Perhaps the American Pickers are going to turn a corner eventually. Mike has a lot of experience on the show and knows what works. Will the History Channel staple be able to rebound?

‘American Pickers’ Robbie Wolfe Shares Photos

Robbie is into a lot of the same things that Mike is into. He has his own hot rod collection, antiques, and more. He also shares great photos from the show over on his Instagram. Folks can check those out and see some fun pics and small vids of Robbie and Mike during filming. You can definitely tell they are brothers when they stand side by side.

As I said, Robbie is doing his best. He wants to connect with fans and has some of his own, and it seems to be slowly working. After all, none of the Frank stuff is his fault, anyway. He does his best on the show and off the show to promote it and get new eyeballs, and old ones back on the screen.

The American Pickers are hoping to get back to those roots and get fans back on their side. Mike and Robbie are doing what they can. That means new picks, new items, and some interesting folks along the way as well.