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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Says Success Has ‘Changed the Way We Do Business’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

With so much success coming from “American Pickers” being enjoyed by millions, Mike Wolfe saw his life go through some changes.

Wolfe, who is one of the stars of The History Channel show, also talked about his business in a 2014 interview with Sidewalks Entertainment. He was joined by his then-co-host Frank Fritz, who was let go in 2021.

Asked if the show affected his business, “Not really” was Wolfe’s reply. “People ask that all the time, you know what I mean.

“But if something’s worth a hundred dollars, it’s only worth a hundred dollars,” the “American Pickers” star said. “Obviously, it’s changed the way we do business with all the leads that are pouring in from the network or people coming into the store or email.

“Yeah, we’re very blessed,” Wolfe said. “In our business, leads mean everything.”

Wolfe and Danielle Colby, who has appeared on the show and works in Wolfe’s office in Le Claire, Iowa, are this season’s hosts.

‘American Pickers’ Stars Used Idea Around Bundling Items To Make Deals

Now don’t let the “American Pickers” stars fool you for a minute. They do know what they are doing out there in the antique world.

One idea that helped them make deals was to bundle items for sale.

“Bundle? That’s me because it goes back to the five buck chuck thing,” Fritz said in the same interview. “You know, you’re trying to get something for a certain price, and then you throw something else in it, and then people are like, ‘Oh OK, now I’m getting this kind of money.’ You know, it’s a bundle.”

Wolfe added, “And I told him, as soon as you start saying bundle mania, I’m like, ‘You gotta trademark it.’

“Because look at Larry the Cable Guy, look at that guy, you know,” Wolfe said. “‘Ain’t scared,’ that could’ve been your ain’t scared.”

Wolfe Pointed Out What He Felt His Responsibility Was To Show

Fritz, as we mentioned, is no longer with the show. He had taken some time off for health reasons. Among them was to go to rehab for substance abuse issues, mainly alcoholism. Fritz also had back surgery, too, which sidelined his activity on the show.

Wolfe, though, has carried on in his role as host. He also created the show and is one of its executive producers, too.

In another interview, he was asked what he thought his responsibility was to “American Pickers” and the show’s fans.

“I’m a storyteller, so is it my responsibility to tell that story?” Wolfe asked himself as part of a 2019 conversation with the Des Moines Register. “I think it is, like, it is big time. (And) the show is at the point now where it’s, like, I want to talk about these things that matter.”