‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Went to Nashville to Support One of the Show’s Recurring Guests

by Joe Rutland

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe always meets interesting people while picking items. Back in 2011, he helped a guest come to Nashville.

Wolfe had been doing business with a man named Backwoods “Hobo” Jack, who happened to be one of the show’s recurring guests. Now Wolfe had just opened a new store in Nashville at the time and, well, wanted to make sure “Hobo” Jack got to Music City, U.S.A. once in his life.

In a video that captures “Hobo” Jack’s visit to Wolfe’s Nashville store, the “American Pickers” star talks a bit on the stage with “Hobo” Jack sitting next to him.

‘American Pickers’ Star Said ‘Hobo’ Jack ‘Made Biggest Impact’ On Everyone

“‘Hobo’ Jack’s gonna be on the show again,” Wolfe said, “and I told him about our store in Nashville and he says, ‘I’ve never been to Nashville.’ And I was like, ‘What? A guy like you, all the miles you put in, all the windshield time and you’ve never been to Nashville?’ I went, ‘Well, you’re coming to Nashville and I’m paying for it.'”

Wolfe, who will host “American Pickers” this season with Danielle Colby, also told “Hobo” Jack that he wanted him in Wolfe’s store and wanted him playing there.

“Because out of all the people we’ve picked, ‘Hobo’ Jack has probably made the biggest impact, I think, on everyone,” Wolfe said.

He went on to say it’s from the items that he has or the hardcore bartering that Wolfe and “Hobo” Jack would be doing.

Take a look at this lengthy video that shows “American Pickers” star Wolfe talking to “Hobo” Jack. It also shows “Hobo” Jack singing and playing his banjo, too.

Mole Man’s Sketchy Background Made Him Interesting Guest

Watching “American Pickers” will lead viewers to meet some of the most interesting people on the path of Mike Wolfe and his former partner, Frank Fritz.

One of those is known as the Mole Man. But his real name is Ronald Heist. Mole Man only made one appearance in the first season’s sixth episode. He got the nickname because he dug a large underground storage area.

But Mole Man had some sketchiness about him. Back in 2017, Heist allegedly broke into a studio barn filled with antiques. Heist burglarized this space and took more than $600 worth of items with him. This was in an area of Pennsylvania, according to WPXI.

Now the items’ owner thought he may have misplaced these items. Upon visiting Mole Man’s shop in 2020, he found a “missing” mirror that was actually taken. He bought it from Mole Man and reported him to local police officers.

Authorities charged Mole Man with burglary. Mole Man had a Butler County, Pa., court appearance set for February 2020.