‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Leticia Cline Goes Full Cowgirl in New Pics, Sends Message About Being ‘Quick to Judge’

by Leanne Stahulak

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend, Leticia Cline, wants to remind everyone that we’re free to do what we want to do. And that we should be able to do those things without fear of judgment.

In a stunningly honest Instagram post, Cline invited her followers to think about “normalizing doing what makes you happy.” She posted a gorgeous photo of herself in a cowboy outfit and an old-fashioned car to accompany her thoughtful message.

“We’re so quick to judge and label others for just about anything they do when really we know nothing about them and their lives at all,” the “American Pickers” star’s girlfriend started. “We all cry out for honesty then make it nearly impossible for anyone to live an honest life in fear of being criticized.”

That fear is all too real for too many people.

“What’s ironic is that the people that are criticizing others for things that don’t hurt anyone are actually the ones causing the damage,” Cline continued.

She then opened up about her personal feelings towards doing what makes you happy and receiving that criticism. She admits in her caption that the photo she posted is in fact face-tuned to give her brighter eyes. The “American Pickers” star’s girlfriend invites people to swipe to see the real thing.

” I also recently posted that I get facials, botox, and fillers,” Cline admitted. “Why? Because I wanted to.

“When we’re not honest about beauty then we create a false sense of reality. I did not wake up like this. I’m an aging retired model that had my growing old documented for over 30 years on film. I’m not having an easy time with it but I’m making the most of it the way I want to.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Leticia Cline Gives Advice to Fans

“I publish my journey to help others to not feel guilty about theirs and to also educate them on what I’ve learned,” Cline continued. “Just because I want to persevere my outside doesn’t mean I’m hiding my inside.”

People can be a lot more than what they seem, both internally and externally. The “America Pickers’ star’s girlfriend reminds us that “We’re only on this planet for a little while so why not do what makes you happy?”

She encourages people to embrace everything other people might criticize them for.

“So have your pumpkin spice latte and avocado toast. Create an only fans guilt-free. Decorate for Christmas as early as you want. Take a million selfies and only post one. Get fucking botox if you want. And do whatever harmless thing you want to do with your own life that you’ve managed to find a sliver of happiness out of and stop worrying about what others think,” Cline finishes.

We appreciate Cline’s honesty and her reminder to be true to ourselves, even when others try to doubt us.