‘American Pickers’ Stars Discovered Relic From Junk Food History While Looking for New Ride

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage via Getty Images)

Let’s take a trip down memory lane back to the good old days of American Pickers. We’re going back to when Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe were still traveling the country and hunting for rusty gold. Back then, their banter during picks and on the road was one of the highlights of the show. However, it was hard to beat the excitement of wondering what the dynamic duo of picking would find when they entered a collector’s property.

Today, that is still true. However, Frank isn’t around anymore. In fact, it’s clear there’s some bad blood between him and Wolfe. Luckily, we still have almost 21 complete seasons of Mike and Frank’s adventures.

Back in season 12, the American Pickers team visited a collector named Marty Pringle. Marty had a huge collection of vintage racecars in his yard. One of those caught Mike and Frank’s eyes. It was a rusted-out Chevy Nova. Marty informed the guys that it was the first racecar he ever drove. It helped him get second place in his first outing on the track. However, it was the car’s paint job that really interested the guys. Marty dusted the leaves and debris off of it to reveal a Pringles logo along with the words “Orignal Pringle.”

The car’s owner told the American Pickers team that the design was his “trademark” back in his racing days. His last name is Pringle, after all. So, it makes sense that he would use the iconic chip brand’s logo on his cars.

The American Pickers Team Finds More Chip Memorabilia

However, Marty didn’t just have cars that sported the logo of the chip brand that shares his name. He led the American Pickers team to a semi-trailer full of rusty gold. One of the first things that Mike saw was an enormous rat that quickly scampered away. However, Frank didn’t see the rodent. Instead, he saw an enormous Pringles can. It was taller and wider than any chip receptacle that you’d hope to find in a store. The paint was still in good condition, too.

However, the guys didn’t end up buying the racecar or the giant Pringles can. Instead, Frank walked away with a plastic fishing reel. Mike, on the other hand, bought a tall pole with brackets to hang a double-sided sign.

The History Channel posted the video of this short pick on their YouTube channel. It is an extra from the season 12 episode “Grudge Match.” In that episode, the American Pickers duo faces off in a drag race to see who has the fastest car. You can check out the full episode on Hulu. First, check out the short clip featuring Randy and his Pringles collection below.