‘American Pickers’ Stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Once Competed Against Each in a Winner-Takes All Antique Drag Race

by Leanne Stahulak

“American Pickers” stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz competed in the ultimate race one time to see who was the better antique drag racer.

The duo talked about setting up a drag race for years. But finally, in 2014, the History Channel stars decided to just do it, seeing who the ultimate victor would be.

They raced in an episode called “Grudge Match” on Season 12. History Channel posted a clip of their race to the network’s official YouTube channel. In the clip, we see plenty of familiar “American Pickers” faces, including star Danielle Colby.

Colby runs the show’s store, Antique Archeology, and she researches new picks for the boys to explore. She couldn’t wait for Wolfe and Fritz to finally battle it out on the racecourse after talking about it for ages.

“For five years, I have sat and listened to those boys chatter back and forth about who’s bigger, who’s stronger, who’s tougher,” Colby said in the video. “Today is the day we find out who the real bad boy is.”

The “American Pickers” stars had to complete a straight, quarter-mile run in their antique cars. While Fritz has an advantage because his car is automatic, Wolfe’s car has a “beefier” engine. So, Fritz would be the underdog if he won the match.

Colby stood between the two cars with green flags, ready to wave the start of the race. “I work for these two, so I’m not picking sides. I’m so tired of hearing them talk about who would win in a race I’m just glad they’re actually doing it,” Colby said.

The two took off, and Fritz almost immediately edged ahead of Wolfe. Frank “Blitz” Fritz beat his “American Pickers” co-star in a landslide, celebrating as he jumped out of the car.

“I’m feeling like Jeff Gordon or Jimmy Johnson or something,” Fritz said. “I won!”

‘American Pickers’ Stars Marvel Over Wooden Model-T

It’s not every day that “American Pickers” stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz discover a pick that’s too priceless to buy. But that’s exactly what happened in this season 17 episode from 2017.

History Channel posted a clip of the two hosts exploring a Model-T car made entirely out of wood. The craftsmanship is absolutely remarkable, with every detail painstakingly added by hand. The car owner’s father created the beautiful piece, hand whittling the hood ornament out of black walnut and putting wood hub caps and wood windshield wipers on it.

The “American Pickers” stars didn’t even bother talking prices with the owner. They jumped straight in to advocating for more of the public to see it.

“This has to be in a car museum!” Wolfe exclaimed.

“Thought about it,” the owner replied. He’s been too busy with work and other obligations to spend time looking into different car museums or reaching out to them.

Luckily, the “American Pickers” stars know a few people here and there in the industry. “If you want, we can help you try to put it in the hands of the right museum,” Wolfe said. The owner soon accepted his help to get the Wooden Model-T out there in the public eye again.