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‘American Pickers’ Stars Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz Once Forked Over a Boat Load for Civil War Era Item

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

When it came time to snatch up a timeless relic from the Civil War, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from “American Pickers” weren’t going to let it pass them by.

Somehow a show about people who scavenge through other people’s junk looking for gold has really struck gold on multiple occasions. The show has been on since 2010 for a total of 22 seasons and the “American Pickers” have collected some astounding valuables, collectibles, and antiques over the years.

‘American Pickers’ Civil War Rifle

In season 4, episode 1, titled “Civil War Pickings,” Wolfe and Fritz get recruited by the Gettysburg Museum of History. It’s not uncommon for different museums to reach out to the “American Pickers” for help finding items.

This museum in particular gave them a list of specific items to be on the lookout for. One of these items on the list was a Spencer carbine rifle. This rifle was first designed in 1860. President Abraham Lincoln approved of its new design, which included a seven-cartridge system for combat usage.

Immediatly, Danielle Colby gets to work looking for the rare rifle. It doesn’t take her long to lead the crew to J.W., a former client of the museum who may still have a rifle in his possession. Turns out Colby was right and he does still have it. The “American Pickers” then travel over to Maryland to pay him a visit.

J.W. asks for $2,200 for the rifle. Instead of taking that initial deal, Wolfe and Fritz actually talk him up to $2,250 with the inclusion of other small antiques he also has. It ends up being a deal and the Pickers walk away with the classic artifact.

Cheapest Item Bought on History Channel Show

While $2,250 is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of money spent, the “American Pickers” have managed to go much lower in the past.

Wolfe and Fritz certainly haven’t been afraid to fork over huge amounts of money in the past as long as it’s worth the investment.

The smallest purchase to occur on the show happened during a season 12 bonus clip called “Original Pringle.” During the episode, Wolfe and Fritz visit Marty to take a look at his 51 different racecars. Sadly, they didn’t walk away with any of those racecars, but they did find a couple of things to grab to ensure they weren’t coming home empty-handed.

They wandered into a storage unit and Fritz locked eyes with an old fishing reel. Marty said he could have it for $5. Quite the bargain after all. Although, to viewers at home, sometimes it looks like the “American Pickers” are picking out the trash.

The bigger purchase from that episode was a vintage pole and bracket for $225.