‘American Pickers’ Stars Once Discovered a Vintage Model-T Made Entirely Out of Wood

by Clayton Edwards
'American Pickers' Stars Once Discovered a Vintage Model-T Made Entirely Out of Wood

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz were one of the best teams on television. They traveled the country for a decade in the first 21 seasons of American Pickers. During their time together, they found and purchased countless antiques. However, some of those vintage treasures were more than just old. Some of them were unforgettably unique. For instance, Mike and Frank once found a Ford Model-T made completely of wood. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

The find came in the seventh episode of American Pickers’ seventeenth season. The episode is called “Hot Rod Hero,” and this find helps the episode live up to its name. Whatever comes to your mind when you read the words “Wooden Model-T,” doesn’t do this car justice. All you have to do is glance at the car to know that a master woodworker made it with every bit of passion he possessed. Before we go on, you have to check out the video below. This thing is mind-blowingly cool.

The American Pickers duo found the car while picking a property with several vintage cars and motorcycles. While walking through the yard, Mike sees a trailer with the words “Wooden T,” on the side. He has to know what it is. So, the collector, Brent, explains that it is a car his father made and used to show all around the country. This piqued the guys’ curiosity so they opened the trailer. Nothing could have prepared them for the car they found inside.

Nearly every visible inch of the Model-T is made of wood. The parts of the exterior that have to be made of metal are encased in gleaming wood. On top of that, Brent’s dad even whittled the hood ornament out of a chunk of black walnut. As if the car wasn’t cool enough, it runs and drives perfectly. In short, it’s a masterpiece.

‘American Pickers ‘Stunned by Wooden T

The car obviously floored the American Pickers duo. At the same time, Mike knew that asking to buy the car would have been an insult. No price would be enough for the wooden Model-T. However, he did have some ideas about what the collector should do with the car.

“This has to be in a car museum!” Mike exclaimed after taking a closer look at the vehicle. The owner agreed, saying, “Thought about it.” However, he just didn’t have time to get the car into a museum. He’s a busy guy and doing something like that would take time. Luckily, two things that Mike Wolfe has plenty of are time and connections. The American Pickers star told him, “If you want, we can help you try to put it in the hands of the right museum.” Brent said he’d appreciate the help. They agreed that Brent’s dad’s masterpiece deserved to be seen by the public once again.