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‘American Pickers’ Stars Once Found a Treasure Trove of Old West Memorabilia

by Amy Myers
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The stars of American Pickers might be on the hunt for new items to sell in their shops, but they’re also in search of passionate collectors with unique stories. Host Mike Wolfe has always expressed to fans that one of his favorite parts of the job was meeting the people behind the collections. Each time, he finds out the history behind a unique object or a new part of our nation’s story.

Of course, some picks are harder than others. Wolfe might spend weeks on the road with little to show for, while other times he finds objects that are practically worth their weight in gold. Sometimes, the difference between a successful pick and just another detour is a bit of luck and the right connections.

This is exactly what brought the American Pickers stars to a “rusty gold” mine full of Americana memorabilia. While on the road, Wolfe and former co-host Frank Fritz received a call from Dave Ohrt who tells the two friends about a source that he has close by. Ohrt points them in the direction of a collector named Al who didn’t even know that Wolfe and Fritz would be digging through his stuff.

“I collect Old West memorabilia, military memorabilia, Hollywood memorabilia,” Al listed. “Just really an eclectic collector.”

Watch what the American Pickers find in the clip below.

‘American Pickers’ Stars Find an Old Western Horse Bit

As Wolfe and Fritz begin scouring Al’s collection room, they find tons of unique and wonderfully bizarre pieces like a panther lamp. Once Fritz picks up the room accent, he calls Al over to talk prices. The collector explained that the light shines through all of the holes in the sculpture, not casting enough light to illuminate a whole room. However, as the American Pickers star pointed out, it was enough to “set the mood.”

Al let his panther lamp go for $250.

Meanwhile, Ohrt came to the scene to see if his trusted source had any new items to spare. He had a particular object in mind that, previously, was not for sale. However, hoping that Wolfe and Fritz’s business would spur the collector to consider otherwise, Ohrt picked up a two-sided metal plate, designed to look like two revolvers. Immediately, when the American Pickers affiliate reached for the piece, Al cordially refused.

He then explained the incredible story behind the piece. According to the collector, the dusty piece of metal was actually a horse bit that once belonged to the “Singing Cowboy,” Gene Autry. The singer used the bit on his equally famous horse, Champion, who fans came to know as the “Wonder Horse of the West.”

Though Al still wasn’t ready to hear an offer for the piece, the American Pickers seemed just as happy to hear the history behind the bit. With all of his knowledge and memorabilia, it’s safe to say that Al will be seeing the antique collectors in the future.