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‘American Pickers’ Stars Once Played Dress Up with an Assortment of Eccentric Hats

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage/Getty Images)

Outsiders who watch “American Pickers” faithfully know that the show’s hosts will do anything to test out items. Even if it is hats.

What? Well, back in the show’s fifth season, hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz made a stop at John’s restoration shop in Illinois.

They came across a number of Harley-Davidson hats and tried them on. But Frank had some trouble getting one on his head, so he thinks they are antiques. We’ll let you make the call, Outsiders.

Here’s a clip from “American Pickers” for your viewing pleasure.

There’s nothing like seeing Mike and Frank go “picking” for different items.

As you may know, Fritz is no longer on The History Channel show. He was fired in the summer of 2021. Danielle Colby, who has worked in Wolfe’s office at his Illinois store, has taken Fritz’s spot as a co-host.

“American Pickers” is currently in its 22nd season. There’s nothing to keep the popular antique and collectibles show from going even more seasons should Wolfe want to do so.

You can catch the show on Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central.

‘American Pickers’ Star Has Learned How To Adapt With Success Coming His Way

Mike Wolfe has been quite successful with “American Pickers” over the years.

The show started out with him having just one camera and going to different shops. He would film his adventures, then show them on TV.

Success not only would come through the show but in his business, too.

It wasn’t always easy, though. Wolfe spent five years pitching his show to different networks and being turned down.

At that time, how the show looked and felt changed within him. He tried changing the show’s concept so it could match TV tastes.

Nowadays, Wolfe keeps adjusting his show while a lot of “Pickers”-like shows air on TV.

He has learned to adapt, which Wolfe believes is a key to success.

Longtime Host Finds Solace In Using ‘Alternative Energy’ To See Problems Differently

Wolfe talked about it in front of an audience in 2013. “My ideas are always organic, meaning they grow with the situation — just like all of us do,” he said. “But I’m not fixated on my idea to the point where it has to be there.”

Wolfe also told the audience when a sticking point hit in pitching a project, he just stopped and refocused.

“I would take my alternative energy and think from a different angle,” the “American Pickers” host said.

Wolfe would say that his “alternative energy” involves a shift in viewing situations.

He says it means “thinking in angles, looking at things in its simplest form.”

That’s pretty rad, Outsiders.