‘American Pickers’ Stars Once Spent Big Money on a Taxidermy Elephant Head

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

It’s one thing to boast a massive taxidermied buck, bear, or elk either in-home or your local Bass Pros. Shop either way. However, over on “American Pickers,” the stars once spent quite a chunk of change on an enormous taxidermy elephant head.

After perusing a taxidermy collector’s vast collection, they secured a large muskie and a 10-foot alligator among other things. Soon after, the “American Pickers” walked off with the genuine elephant head as well. In the end, they were up one large find and down $9,500. It’s important to note the head itself was a genuine mount. However, the ears and tusks were artificial, detracting from what the elephant could have initially sold for.

Additionally, wild and exotic animals like these remain controversial yet highly sought after in the hunting community internationally.

Because of this, “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe took time to assure fans the mount was not poached nor secured illegally.

Wolfe stated, “Buying endangered species is very tricky.”

He further explained, “you have to have the right paperwork to know that this elephant wasn’t poached or smuggled illegally.”

As for this particular elephant, the “American Pickers” star received papers acquired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services stating the animal was obtained legally.

After bringing the gigantic head home, “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby received the responsibility of finding a buyer. Fortunately, the search didn’t last long. According to Looper, Jack White from White Stripes and the Reconteurs frontman wound up purchasing the elephant head for his own collection.

Mike Wolfe First Hated ‘American Pickers’ Before Show Success

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe has hit major success and collected big time finds during his 10+ years on the History Channel. Therefore it’s interesting he previously admitted he actually hated the show when it first aired.

The star’s persistence has enabled him to score some huge and iconic finds, and I’m not solely referring to the elephant taxidermy. However, during a 2013 interview with Script, Wolfe said, “When I first saw the show, I hated it. Then I saw the ratings, and I was like okay. But I still have disagreements with the network and the production company on how I want things to be.”

Now, so many seasons into “American Pickers,” it’s hard to imagine the major television network without Mike Wolfe and his hit show. In attempting to run the program as he intended, Wolfe advocated for his passion, stating, “No one knows my business like I do.”

In doing so, he secured the title of both executive producer and creator. As such, it might explain why there was such friction between Mike Wolfe and former costar Frank Fritz prior to the latter’s departure. Regardless, collectors nationwide continue to follow along with “American Pickers,” visiting both Antique Archaeology and Frank Fritz Finds.