‘American Pickers’ Teases Mike Wolfe & His Squad Finding ‘Holy Grail Stockpile’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This season of American Pickers hasn’t been the greatest. However, the show is hoping to entice fans with its newest teaser post.

This Saturday, there is a new episode. Robbie and Mike are going to be out picking like they usually are. Fans have not responded to Robbie as much as History Channel and the show might have liked. With the absence of Frank Fritz, it seems that there is no desire to tune in for many fans.

While there was a glimmer of hope that Fritz might come back, he was officially taken off of the show last year. With a new season and no Frank, fans have decided to turn the channel to something else. The newest Twitter post shows that they are pulling out all the stops. You don’t call something a “Holy Grail” without delivering.

Check out the post below and see for yourself.

Those old gas signs are really rare. That 1932 Mobilgas sign has some damage. However, with the Pegasus design on the front, this might be worth spending a little money on. American Pickers has made a name off of items like this. While it is neat to see movie props and rare cars, the rust and the Americana are what fans love.

If the Miek and the crew are picking at the “King of Sings” place, then there might be some other rare finds. The show might be trying to find these more classic picks in an effort to get the fans to come back. Ratings have fallen and there needs to be a new game plan if they hope to see the show continue.

This season was the first time in American Pickers history that a show got under 1,000,000 viewers. When something like that happens, it is eye-opening.

‘American Pickers’ Star Looked Down Barrel of a Gun

While Mike Wolfe says that he has only had a handful of bad experiences out cold-calling picks, the bad ones have gotten fairly serious. Luckily, Wolfe is a bit charismatic and was able to get out of the situation with a clever response.

“One time, a guy opened the door and stuck a pistol in my face. All I could think of to say was, ‘Hey is that [pistol] for sale?’ I didn’t buy anything there,” the American Pickers star remembered. But, those experiences aren’t common. “I haven’t had too many of those experiences. I can probably count on my hand how many times I have been run off.”

Maybe one day that same charm will be able to smooth things over with Frank. Fans are dying to see him back on TV. There are replies to almost every social media post that mention Fritz in some way or another. His return could bring record views to American Pickers.