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‘American Pickers’: The Time Mike Wolfe Accidentally Went Picking on Father’s Day, Surprised Family

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

What would you do if you’re spending the day celebrating Father’s Day with your family when two people end up driving into your driveway, asking to sort through your old junk? Some may see it as an intrusion during a family holiday celebration. However, most would find it to be absolutely thrilling. Especially since the ones, in this case, were American Pickers stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.

This is exactly what happened to one very surprised family of American Picker fans a few years into the show’s run.

And, according to Mike Wolfe, the family was more than welcoming. Not only were the Pickers welcome inside the home that Father’s Day, but they were even a little bit expected.

‘American Pickers’ In Their ‘Freestyling’ Form

According to Wolfe, during the filming of the popular long-running History Channel series, the American Pickers hosts would sometimes head out on their own. In a journey Mike Wolfe refers to as “freestyling” the hosts would drive around the area in which they were filming, finding good spots to do what they do best: pick through piles for undiscovered treasures and valuable antiques.

“Frank and I pick on our days off,” said Mike Wolfe of how he and former American Pickers cohost Frank Fritz Mike Wolfe would spend their down-time during shoots.

“Wherever we are, Frank and I will just get in the van and we’ll just do what you see us do on TV,” he explains in a 2013 interview.

Wolfe went on to remember one day when he and his cohost were driving around “freestyling” in the area when they spotted the perfect house to search for their unique treasures.

However, the hosts had neglected to realize that it was a special day on the calendar. Father’s Day.

“We were just out knocking on doors and we pull up in this driveway and like twenty people come running out of this house,” the American Pickers star explains.

Just Like On TV!

“They were watching our show, in their living room and their TV is up against the picture window,” Wolfe continues with a grin. “They’re all on the couch watching the show, and they see the van pull into their driveway as they’re watching the show!”

Of course, the family is freaking out, Wolfe remembers.

But, he was more focused on the crowd.

“I’m like, “do you guys always have this many people over?'” Wolfe recalls asking the large family that day. “And they’re like, ‘no! It’s Father’s Day!'”

While the Pickers did surprise the group, there was plenty of celebration to go around, and the two American Pickers hosts were invited to stay with the surprised family for a bite to eat.

After they picked through the barn, of course.

“We ended up having dinner with them,” the star smiled. “And I ended up getting some stuff out of the barn.”