‘American Pickers’: Tour the Inside of Danielle Colby’s Art Shop and Its Odd Antiques

by Kati Michelle

Growing up, antique shops always felt like an endless immersive game of “I-Spy.” You know the drill. A sibling shouts out “I spy with my little eye,” and then proceeds to give you a rather vague clue about what they have in mind. It’s your job, then, to figure out what the mystery item is, usually based on a given color. As an adult, antique shops are still magical places. They hold the key to unlocking a lot of nostalgic memories you may have forgotten about. Danielle Colby of the “American Pickers” cast has an eye for the unusual and quirky.

The “You and Me This Morning” talk show featured Colby’s own unique antique shop in a past segment. We can’t wait to dive into it with you here at Outsider today.

Although Danielle Colby named the art shop “4 Miles 2 Memphis,” it’s a bit of a misnomer. The shop is actually in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park.

Danielle Colby’s “4 Miles 2 Memphis”

In talking to the morning show, Colby says she felt compelled to start the shop to nurture her artistic soul. In her own words:

“When you’re an artist, you wake up every day. And every day that you don’t create, you tend to kind of fall a little bit into this black hole. You just don’t feel like you’re doing what you were meant to do. And as wonderful as ‘Pickers’ is, there was that element that kind of, you know escaped me every day. And at some point, Mike just looked at me and said…you need to create! If you’re not creating, you’re not really Danielle. So you…need to create.”

The shop features a really good mix of art and antiques, with many of the items re-purposed. If you can imagine it, Danielle Colby can re-purpose it. From teal cowboy boots to key necklaces and bracelets, the sky is really the limit when it comes to picking something and then giving it a make-over.

Take the tour yourself, here:

The Picking Never Stops

Even though Danielle Colby’s shop hasn’t updated its Facebook page in years, the star continues to be heavily involved in the picking industry. As the self-proclaimed “Queen of Rust Picking,” Colby keeps her most exclusive finds behind a paywall and only shares them with her Patreon followers. Still, her personal Facebook page gets a glimpse into her life every now and then.

Between long-form blog posts about the fashion industry and photos of her daughter, Danielle Colby also shared a couple of interesting items recently. One item involved a skirt that’s made out of concerningly-realistic looking rotten bananas. Another item included somebody’s head. Okay, so it’s just a mannequin. It doesn’t make it any less creepy though…

Take a look and let us know if you think it’s haunted: