‘American Pickers’: Veteran Collected Military Vehicles Including One Featured in ‘Forrest Gump

by John Jamison

If you ever find yourself in South Carolina and need some light armor or artillery, Zipp Hanna’s is the place to go. “American Pickers” stopped by during Season 19 to check out the veteran’s collection of militaria, parts of which are famous.

An episode titled “Bubba Gump Picks” found Mike and Frank pulling up to a property in Greenville, South Carolina. A barking dog appropriately greeted them. His cage came complete with a warning sign that read, “Bad Ass Dog on Duty.”

Enter Zipp. The man had been collecting military vehicles for his entire life. When “American Pickers” showed up, he was finally ready to part with some of it. Right off the bat, some huge items caught Mike and Frank’s eye. Namely, a good-looking military truck that Zipp claims was featured in “Forrest Gump.” Zipp also showed the boys a jeep that appeared in a Dennis Hopper movie titled “Chasers.”

Mike Wolfe commended Zipp on his decision to rent his vehicles out to production companies. Short of selling rare or personally valuable items, leasing them as props can be an excellent way to turn a profit with a collection.

It quickly became clear just how extensive Zipp’s collection truly was. Everywhere you looked on the sprawling property was another WWII or Vietnam Era military vehicle or weapon. When Mike asked if he was looking to sell some bigger ticket items, Zipp looked overwhelmed.

“I want to get rid of all this junk, man,” said Zipp. “I’m just trying to downsize my collection and everything. Let someone else pick up the torch, man.”

The South Carolina man featured on “American Pickers” didn’t have the time or energy to maintain such an extensive collection. In the end, Mike and Frank didn’t go for the “Forrest Gump” truck. But they didn’t leave empty-handed either.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Couldn’t Imagine the Show 10 Years In

Most fans know Mike Wolfe’s “American Pickers” story by now. He was picking long before the television came along. The former bike shop owner pitched the idea for his show for five years before gaining any kind of traction.

Now, “American Pickers” has been running for 22 seasons. It has suffered a few casualties that Wolfe likely never anticipated along the way. But here we are. For Wolfe, the amount of success the show has found over the years is hard to believe.

“No, I didn’t think it would resonate with as many people as it did. To have ten years under us is pretty incredible. I mean, ten years of anything that can really grab a hold of peoples’ attention and hold it for an hour is pretty outstanding. So it’s really not so much about us, as it is about the people we pick,” Wolfe said in a 2019 interview with Vegas Film Critic.