‘American Pickers’ Visits Unique Bon-Bon Hardware Store in West Virginia

by Joe Rutland

It definitely brings eyes when “American Pickers” visits a store. This definitely was the case when it visited West Virginia.

On Monday night’s episode, co-hosts Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby took time to stop at Bon-Bon’s Confectionery and Hardware in Mt. Hope, W.Va. According to a story from WOAY, the store has been there since Italian immigrants Sam and Mary Bonifacio opened its doors in 1920.

Their grandson, owner Dean Bonifacio, told WOAY that he reached out to “American Pickers” with a background story about that very store. Bonifacio also said he let them know about the unique items and history that make up Bon Bon’s.

‘American Pickers’ Episode Put Historic Store On Program

“I hope it turns out well, I hope it represents West Virginia well,” Bonifacio said. “There’s a lot of hardworking people who grew up here in Mt. Hope and in Southern West Virginia, and really our story here of Bon Bon’s is representative of what America’s all about.”

Bonifacio added that the show’s crew visited the store in May. That segment was filmed and aired as part of Monday night’s show.

“American Pickers” continues showing the traveling escapades of Wolfe and Colby on The History Channel show. It airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. Wolfe has been part of the show since it debuted. Colby has worked in Wolfe’s office in Le Claire, Iowa, for a long time. She stepped into a co-host role after Frank Fritz was dismissed from the show during the summer of 2021.

If you missed Monday’s episode featuring the West Virginia store, then you can catch it another time possibly in reruns.

Mike Wolfe Showed Off Antique Archaeology In Episode

Longtime viewers of “American Pickers” know that Mike Wolfe owns a store called Antique Archaeology. But it’s not just one store, though. There are many that Wolfe has started, including one in Tennessee.

The business’ website says its Tennessee location is at 1300 Clinton Street, Suite 130 in Nashville. Wolfe gives viewers a video tour of the Nashville store.

It starts with Wolfe opening his store’s front door. He’s followed in and shows a store full of unique items. They include things hanging from the walls which are on the floor. The store is pretty well organized.

Wolfe said that his store just doesn’t only sell antiques.

“(At) Antique Archaeology, we go the extra mile we go the extra mile in a lot of ways to help people understand how this stuff matters,” Wolfe said.

The “American Pickers” host also offered this tidbit about his store.

“You know, even though you’re not into antiques and you’re not into collectibles,” Wolfe said. “You can still find something in here that might resonate with you for one reason or another.”