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‘American Pickers’: Watch Frank Fritz Find a KISS Poster He Can’t Live Without

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

The “American Pickers” tour the country looking for unusual and priceless finds. Most of the time, the “Pickers” are looking for specific finds to add to their store. Or special requests from customers. However, every once in a while, the “American Pickers” come across a find that speaks to them personally. One that they just have to acquire for their own collections.

In a season seventeen episode of the hit television series, the “American Picker” hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visit the home of Arnie. A longtime collector of, well, everything.

When the “Picker” hosts enter the home they immediately get a sense of Arnie’s collections. From sports memorabilia, movie props, and superhero garb, the collector has it all.

Wolfe and Fritz are impressed as they tour the home. But, the biggest surprise came when Frank Fritz found a rare collectible connected to one of his favorites. The rock group KISS.

One thing about Arnie’s collections is that they are spread around his home…including underground tunnels and connected buildings. It’s quite an impressive sight.

“American Pickers” Find 1980s Music Memorbilia

When Arnie leads Mike and Frank into a room that he calls the basketball court, Frank immediately notices a poster.

The poster features the band KISS in a rare find. Frank is impressed, but he hasn’t yet been blown away.

“I think I just met my new best friend,” Fritz joked when he and Arnie bonded over the heavy metal group fandom. “The thing that me and Arnie are connecting with the most: he’s an eighties hair metal guy!”

Frank is soon blown away by another piece of KISS memorabilia hanging on the wall, as he and Mike tour Arnie’s home. On the wall in a room off to the side, is a painting of the famous hairband depicting the group at the time of the release of the band’s first platinum album, “Destroyer.” The painting features KISS in full makeup during the band’s early days.

“‘Destroyer’ is the fourth album by KISS. It came out in 1976 and was their first record to go platinum,” the “American Pickers” host explained.

The Original Finds Are Usually the Best

“This is a rare artist proof,” he said. “I’d never seen one before.”

Frank added that one of the things that drew him to this particular piece of memorabilia was the fact that it was an original collector’s item.

“This isn’t something that’s mass-produced,” Frank explained.

In the end, Frank Fritz made deal with Arnie to purchase the painting for $200.

“It’s going up in my personal man-cave,” the “American Pickers” host said of the find.

“I’m gonna kinda cry about it,” Arnie said after making the sale. ‘It’s one of those fantastic pieces that you’re really gonna miss!”